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Thursday October 4, 2018
October 4, 2018
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October 8, 2018

Richard Blumenthal

Dear Father, Richard Blumenthal, 72, and a Democrat, is the senior United States Senator from Connecticut. He is considered to be the second wealthiest member of the Senate. He was schooled at Harvard, Trinity College in England, and Yale. While at Yale, he befriended both Bill and Hillary Clinton. He has served as an attorney, as an attorney general for both Connecticut and the District of Columbia, and as a Congressmen representing Connecticut. He served in the Marine Reserve for six years. He married his wife Cynthia, who is 15 years younger, after meeting her on the tennis court. They have had four children together. Blumenthal was at the center of a controversy in 2010 when he was running for Senate. He had stated that he had served in Vietnam when, in fact, he had not. He was forced to retract his statement and to apologize. He is in the news this week because he recently lectured Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh about the importance of honesty and integrity. President Donald Trump essentially called Richard a hypocrite, questioning how Richard could lecture Brett on honesty when Richard has been caught in a lie before. Many consider Richard to be a prospective Democratic candidate for President in 2020. Father, You created Richard. You fashioned him in his mother’s womb and You love him dearly. Father, work in his life in such a way that he long’s to have a personal relationship with You. Transform his heart and mind. Give him the wisdom for his job as a U.S. Senator. Give him the character he needs to make godly decisions. Bring Your church into his life in a manner that change’s the course of his life, leading him to indescribable peace and joy through You. Amen.

Haitian Earthquake

Dear Father, at least 12 people have died in northwest Haiti after a magnitude 5.9 earthquake last night. The death toll is expected to rise. Many more people were hurt when the quake destroyed dozens of buildings in the northern region of the country. Reports indicate that the staff of the local hospital fled during the earthquake. The mayor of Port-de-Paix, the city of a half million impacted by the quake, is Josué Alusma. He is said to be in hiding after he was accused of orchestrating the murder of two people. The region impacted by the quake is essentially without leadership. The region has been experiencing relatively minor earthquakes all year, leading many geologists to predict the larger earthquake yesterday. Father, move Your church to work with the survivors of this earthquake. Equip Your church with the character and the resources it needs to rescue victims physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Use this tragedy to build Your church and to move people to turn their lives over to You. I ask that You comfort those who grieve the loss of loved ones and those who are recovering from injuries. Give thousands of Haitians ample reasons to thank You for how You deliver them from this catastrophe. Amen.

Zach Kincaid

Dear Father, Zach Kincaid is a widower who is mourning the loss of his wife, Krystil, who was eight months pregnant with their daughter who was to be named Avalynn. She died on September 9th when she was hit by a drunk driver, Marcos Forestalm, in San Jacinto, CA. Marcos, a celebrated champion boxer, was reported to have been driving 85 MPH in the wrong lane when he hit Krystil head on. Zach is now tasked with raising four children as a single dad. He must also live with the memory of his final phone call with his beloved wife, where he heard her scream and the crash. It was reported that Marcos was videotaping the carnage after the crash, including the fire in Krystil’s vehicle. Father, I ask that You pour out Your grace, mercy, compassion, and love into the life of Zach Kincaid. Surround him with devoted and faithful friends. Attend to his every need. Comfort him in his darkest moments. Give him the strength he needs to recover from this horrific experience. Use this to draw him into a close relationship with You. Transform his heart and mind. I also ask that You pour out Your grace on his children as they must now navigate life without their mother. Father, guard these kids and shower them with your blessings. As for Marcos, he made a catastrophic decision that led to a tragedy of enormous consequence for an innocent family. I ask for justice for the victims. I ask for conviction and remorse in his heart. But, I also ask for Your grace. Work in his life. May this event lead him to the cross and may Marcos experience full forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Amen.