Take Every Thought to Prayer

E-Book, hard copy, and paperback released on Xulon, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

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Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

I n the first volume of this book, Prayers to Love God, we pray about our relationship with God. We pray about our attitudes, motivations, and character. We pray about what it looks like to live each day for Him. We cry out to God about the problems we are facing in our lives.

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T he author requests that you purchase the book through Xulon Press. The additional earnings per book he receives through the publisher's store will enable him to increase his investment into the Gramazin ministry. Read more

About Take Every Thought to Prayer

Take Every Thought to Prayer puts God at the center of literally everything. With hundreds of prayers about the thoughts and feelings common to the human experience, it will be hard-pressed for the reader not to find in this book prayers that resonate with whatever challenges they are currently facing. This book will be on the shelf of pastors, counselors, and ministry leaders who share it with clients who are seeking the true reasons as to why they are struggling in life. Charles Wagner has weaved the same Biblical theme into just about every prayer, that human beings suffer because they live in rebellion from God. Though the book has a very clear message about confession and repentance, the prayers are compassionate and understanding, speaking lovingly into hundreds of situations in which people suffer. The prayers reflect heartfelt cries to God from those living in the 21st century and convey the wisdom God has taught Charles through his own season of intense adversity.

Reader Testimonials

  • This book has alot of depth. It is certainly something that can really change lives. It flows beautifully. Impressive.
  • Honestly, my first thought was that someone might be reluctant to buy the book if they have only 1 or 2 prayers relevant to their unique circumstances. However, as I read the book, I was fascinated. There were a whole bunch of prayers applicable to me. It struck me. They connected with me. I was like "wow!" I didn't expect the book to connect with me personally but it did. I can certainly see pastors and elders using this book counseling people. You have a gift. This is very well written.
  • Your approach has a valuable collection of prayers and ways to get started in prayer. It's a book you can go to for a particular problem in life. It will be a blessing to those in need.
  • In a time when the country needs some hope, guidance, and love there is nothing better than this prayer book that will encourage and uplift the sad souls. Being able to look at a page on a book that reminds you that everything will be okay is so powerful. Prayers are what holds us together during hard times so that we can grow past it without falling apart. I am a Muslim female, my plan is to get copies for my best friends who are Christian, Hebrew, and Mennonite because we all agree that prayer is the only way that we are still pushing and the greatest gift is a reminder of faith.
  • It's not the same old - same old. It is interesting reading more in tune with the times. I wanted to keep reading.
  • The book makes it easy to understand ways to make changes in attitude.  Reminds us there is hope for this world and not just heaven.
  • I certainly believe that you have something here with enormous potential and I hope that it lifts off, that you are encouraged, and that it develops into something amazing.
  • I loved your intro where you talked about the original sin being that people think they are God. I think this book has the potential to really work in a lot of people's lives. I can see offshoots and sequels like Bible Studies & Sunday School lessons, Devotionals, etc.
  • I think it is an awesome work, both in the sheer effort and creativity involved, and in the uniqueness of what it is doing and addressing. It could be a powerful witness and perhaps a venue to connect people to the real God of the universe and savior of mankind.
  • Very impressive. There is great breadth of coverage there. You have explored the spectrum of human experience.
  • Readers of this book will know they aren't alone.
  • Your book looks like it might become a classic.
  • I think you have something here. You take an incarnational approach, meeting people where they are in their messed up thinking and situations and give them voice, not unlike the psalms that give us permission to be real before God. I like your writing. It's clear and vivid. I didn't read all the prayers but what I read was biblical. In fact, I like how you communicate biblical truth and counsel in the context of real life situations. I think people will relate. It is certainly useful for the general Christian population.

E-Book, hard copy, and paperback released on Xulon, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

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Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

I n the second volume of this book, Prayers to Love Our Neighbor, we pray about our relationships with other people. We pray about our thoughts and feelings as we experience the highs and the lows of interacting with people each day. I share the story of the origin of this book and how the book fits into the larger plan God has called me to.

Buy the Book

T he author requests that you purchase the book through Xulon Press. The additional earnings per book he receives through the publisher's store will enable him to increase his investment into the Gramazin ministry. Read more

Coming Soon - Both Volumes on Audio

Teresa Olsen, a voice acting professional from Phoenixville, PA, has joined Charles Wagner in a project to record all 757 prayers of Take Every Thought to Prayer. As of November 21, 2017, 80 prayers have been recorded. The goal is to complete the recordings by December 31, 2017. The recordings will be made available for free to friends of Gramazin, those who have helped advance the cause. We will announce opportunities for the purchase of the recordings in early 2018.

Teresa Olsen is a professional voice actor in the Philadelphia, PA area. Teresa has a strong and natural speaking voice. She uses pause, tone, and inflection to tell the story in an emotionally engaging, persuasive, and credible manner. Whether your audience is young children or senior citizens, clients, employees, volunteers, or donors, Teresa's voice can connect them to your message.

Charles has known Teresa professionally since the late 1990s. The two share not only their faith but also a passion to help young people in crisis. Teresa has enjoyed reading the prayers in Charles' two-volume book Take Every Thought to Prayer. She will be recording prayers specifically targeted to female readers. She will also record other prayers in the two books, giving the listener a refreshing change of voice during their listening experience.

Listen to a sampling of Charles Wagner's recordings of Take Every Thought to Prayer.

Volume 1 - Prelude - Prayer for Readers

Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God - Prayer #2