The church needs to stop the insanity – part 1

Why didn’t God stop the Sutherland Springs, TX shooter?
November 6, 2017
The church needs to stop the insanity – part 2
November 10, 2017

It’s insanity

We’ve all recited the famous quote at one time or another.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

We pray for revival.  We pray for God to put godly people in office and on courts. We pray that God will heal our nation.  We pray that God will defeat evil in our society. We talk about politics in our Bible studies. We talk about politics before and after the church service.  We talk about politics on the golf course. We attend Sunday school classes.  We go to church. We listen to gospel music.  We read books recommended by influential pastors and teachers.

Our society walks further and further from God.

We pray for revival…we talk about politics…we attend Sunday school classes…

Our society walks further and further from God.

We pray for….

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Christians who want to see revival need to do something different.  What we are doing isn’t working!

It’s rebellion

I don’t want to claim that I know the mind of God.  However, I’m suspicious that God is not pleased with our motis operandi.  I’m suspicious that He sees the church as idolatrous.  After all, who do we believe will save this country? Politicians? Judges? If that is true, we are being idolaters.

We are also disobedient.

In the years 2014-2015, I studied over 2,000 church websites.  Less than 3% of the websites contained any testimonies. Not one website featured a testimony on the home page.  Our research in 2017 confirmed our findings of a few years before.  2.4% of churches published testimonies on their websites.

Big deal?  Yes it is.

Where are people searching for hope in 2017 as they struggle with divorce, addiction, financial crisis, and health crisis? The Internet.  Our local churches are silent online about these subjects.  Ironically, our pews are filled with people who have been through divorce, addiction, financial crisis, and heath crisis.  God has delivered them.  However, these same people turn a whiter shade of pale at the thought of sharing their testimony publicly.

I’ve been in the “evangelical” church now for 55 years.  Figuring I’ve missed quite a few Sundays along the way, I estimate I have attended somewhere a little south of 2,000 worship services.  I’ve been a member or committed attender of six Bible-believing churches as an adult. I’ve noticed a similarity through the years.  There has been very little emphasis on testimony-sharing except for the occasional dynamic jaw-dropping story. A story may leave  us on the edge of our seats at a missionary conference but at may be another year before we hear about testimony sharing again.

Our society walks further and further from God.

We pray for revival…we talk about politics…we attend Sunday school classes…and we refuse to share our testimonies with our neighbors in crisis.

I believe this is rebellion by the church.  We, like Peter, deny to the public that we know Him and that He has done anything to transform our lives. I’d like to say at least we share our testimonies inside the church but, truthfully, most of the people we worship with are total strangers.  Christ’s story of deliverance in their lives is unknown to us.  They know nothing about what He has done for us either.

When we pray to God to heal our land, He may very well shout, “How do you want revival? Through government? I’m not going to let that happen.  I’m waiting for My church to publicly share their stories of how Jesus Christ has changed their lives.  I’m waiting.  How much decline of the culture are you willing to take before You finally share your faith courageously and compassionately with your hurting neighbors?”

It’s time for a new approach

It’s time for believers to try something new – let’s revive our land by believers in every city making a commitment to lovingly and transparently sharing their stories of hope with our neighbors in crisis.  What miracles in our land could God do with that?

Psalm 107 is a training manual for testimony-sharing for believers.  We will examine that chapter in part-2.