The Gramazin Past Through 2017

Prayer for Gramazin – October 23, 2017
October 23, 2017
Prayers for the World Launched
November 21, 2017


  • In January, Charles began volunteering each week in a juvenile detention ministry.
  • He spent much of the first half of the year preparing the two volume book Take Every Thought to Prayer for publishing. This involved re-writing a portion of the book. The first volume was printed in late July and the second volume a few weeks later in August.
  • Charles appeared on Cape Ann television in April, discussing his testimony and the Gramazin vision.
  • Charles prepared 69 audio lessons for an online workshop to assist believers who are preparing their testimonies.
  • He was inspired to create the smartphone-friendly Gramazin.NET in October, replacing the audio workshop.
  • In late 2017, Charles is preparing to reach out to the church around the US in 2018.


  • Charles Wagner’s focus for the year was on his August marriage to Karen; the sale of his home; his move to Massachusetts; and establishing roots in his new community.
  • Charles began to serve on the Men’s ministry leadership team of his new church upon his arrival in Massachusetts in September.
  • In the fall, Charles felt inspired and began work on Take Every Thought to Prayer. The original draft was written between September 16 and December 6.
  • Charles conceived the idea of a December 2020 celebration of testimonies during this year.


  • Researched over 2,000 church websites and discovered less than 3% of churches share testimonies on their website. The new vision for Gramazin was to encourage believers to share testimonies on church websites.
  • Charles was involved in prison ministry with Christian Life Prison and Recovery Ministries.


  • No work on Gramazin.




  • Gramazin focus for the year was to coordinate the traveling to various states to volunteer in charities. Over 70 charities in over 40 states invited Charles Wagner and son to come. Volunteered in Maryland, West Virginia, and New York in November and December.


  • Gramazin domain name registered. Initial purpose of Gramazin was to gather inspirational stories in a local community and publish posters about them in local establishments.