Thursday December 14, 2017

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December 13, 2017
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December 15, 2017

Sandy Hook Elementary School

Dear Father, on December 14, 2012, 20 year old Adam Lanza killed 20 children and 6 adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. He had killed his mother before coming to the school. Father, I ask for your compassion today on the survivors of that shooting. I ask for Your mercy and kindness to be on the children who still suffer physically or emotionally from the trauma of that horrific day. I estimate the oldest children in the building that day are now sophomores or juniors in high school. I ask for Your mercy and kindness to be on the school staff and the first responders who witnessed the carnage that winter day. It is a nightmare that certainly is not easy to block out of their minds. Father, pour out Your love and grace on the surviving families of loved ones who died that day. Fathers and mothers, spouses, children, brothers and sisters, relatives, etc.,. Draw near to them. Comfort them today. Answer their prayers for the things they need. May they experience a fresh wave of peace and hope as they look towards You for deliverance. May their testimonies of Your love touch many lives. Amen.

Representative Dan Johnson

Dear Father, it is reported today that 57 year old Kentucky Republican state representative Dan Johnson killed himself last night on a bridge in Mt. Washington, Kentucky. In addition to his service to the public, he was also a preacher. He left behind a suicide note speaking of his love for You, his wife, his children, and his grandchildren. Father, this is heartbreaking. I don’t want to address his action or his suicide note, not when his loved ones are suffering so much. Father, there are people deeply hurting in his family this very hour. Grief. Shock. Confusion. Bewilderment. Anger. Please minister to his survivors. Move Your church to reach out to this family and to offer them assistance with whatever they need. Give the family compassionate shoulders to cry on and people who will listen to them as they work through their feelings. Give them comfort froom Your Word and from prayer. Guide them through the details they need to organize. Father, please turn this tragedy into inspiring stories of spiritual transformation and renewal. Amen.

Goodbye Christmas

Dear Father, it has been reported today that a growing number of Americans state that Christmas is not a religious holiday. That makes about as much sense as saying a wedding is not about the marriage of two people or children assembled in an elementary school classroom are not in school to learn. “Christ”mas is about Jesus Christ. The very name indicates the religious nature of this holiday. A Christmas tree represents new life in Christ. Lights on the tree represents Christ as the true light. A candy cane is shaped like a shepherd’s staff. It is striped red for the shedding of Christ’s blood and white for the forgiveness of sins. The Christmas carols all focus on the life and mission of Jesus Christ. The act of gift giving has to do with the gift that Christ gave us and the gifts the wise men brought to Him at His birth. However, there are those who sincerely believe Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. Er, uh, they don’t want Christmas to have anything to do with Christ. Father, I have a prayer request for the Christmas tradition. May Your church explode with testimony sharing and believers volunteering in their communities in 2018, touching the lives of people in every state. Because of the love of Your church, may many of the skeptics in our nation this Christmas experience the true meaning of Christmas by this time next year. Father, You can do all things. You can become the most important relationship in the world to thousands of people who don’t know You at all today. Please do that. Amen.

Disney Purchases 20th Century Fox

Dear Father, it has been announced that Disney has purchased 20th Century Fox. As I understand it, Disney has purchased the entertainment businesses associated with the Fox empire. The Fox News Channel will continue to be owned by the Murdoch family. Disney completed the $ 52 billion stock purchase in order to be better positioned to compete with Netflix. Bob Iger will remain as Chairman and CEO of Disney through 2021. Father, everything is Yours and nothing is separate from Your sovereignty and purposes. Therefore, You have a stake in this deal. Father, do amazing things for Yourself through this purchase. Advance Your Kingdom. Transform lives. Impact our culture according to Your will. Use Disney for your purposes. I ask that You will work in the life of Bob Iger. May he experienced Your love in a truly life transforming way. May his faith grow and may he look to You for direction and understanding. You can do all things, Father. Change the hearts and minds of men and women for Your pleasure in the Disney headquarters. Amen.