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December 20, 2017
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December 22, 2017

This is an archived photo of another ferry tragedy, the sinking of the MV Princess in 2008

Emily’s List

Dear Father, Emily’s List is an organization whose stated objective is to elect pro-choice women to positions in government. There are no doubt millions of faith-driven “pro-lifers” who oppose the work of organizations such as this.  The pro-lifers will use protest, legislation, court orders, or the power of the written and spoken word to attempt to derail pro-choice organizations.  However, I am convinced that a belief in the sanctity of life can only come from the work of the Holy Spirit.  Many people need to come to faith in You before they can value the work You do in the womb.  How do people come to faith in You? Through the sharing of testimonies and acts of compassion and love by Your church.  Father, each of the leaders of Emily’s List is, like the rest of us, a human with struggles, weaknesses, insecurities, anxieties, fears, and needs.  Each of them are also individuals who You love deeply.  Therefore, I pray this morning that You will be compassionate and merciful to Stephanie Schriock, Emily Cain, Ben Dotson, Louisa Farley, Lucinda Guinn, Mũthoni Wambu Kraal, Jenna Kruse, Christina Reynolds, Mike Sager, and Melissa Williams.  Meet their needs.  Demonstrate Your love to them in such a manner that their lives and their values are transformed.  May Your church prove the love of God to each of these dear people. Father, pour out Your compassion to the leadership of Emily’s List. Amen.

The Palin Family

Dear Father, it has been reported that there is trouble in the Palin family of Wasilla, AK.  Sarah Palin was the Republican nominee for Vice President in the 2008 election, sharing the ticket with Presidential nominee John McCain.  The family has been famous for a decade now, often the focus of an unfriendly news media who can’t stomach Sarah’s conservative and religious beliefs.  Media attention like this would cause tremendous tension in any family, exacerbating whatever problems already were present before the fame.  Father, the focus of this family’s crisis seems to be their eldest son Track.  He has had several brushes with the law and domestic incidents with former wives and his parents.  The most recent reported encounter involved injuries to Todd Palin after a confrontation with Track at home.  Father, I ask for Your mercy on this family this very day.  Bring them a season of peace and rest.  May Your church intervene and give this family the private, compassionate, and wise support they need.  I pray for the protection of every member of the family. May this most recent altercation be the last.  Father, show Your grace on Track this very day.  Give him peace. Remove his fears and insecurities.  May he cry out to You for love and healing and may You respond quickly to his prayer requests with speed and power, leaving him no doubt about how amazing Your love is. I ask that You turn the Palin family into a testimony of how Jesus Christ can heal a broken family, a story millions of broken families across America need to hear. Amen.


Dear Father, it has been reported today that there is a looming shortage of pilots.  It has been estimated that the airline industry needs to recruit 117,000 new pilots in North America and 637,000 new pilots worldwide over the next 20 years.  Father, pilots fly millions of people to various destinations every day.  Without their outstanding work, commerce would collapse.  Families and ministries would be negatively impacted.  We need skilled, competent, experienced, and mature men and women to fly us safely from place to place.  Father, I ask You to provide for this shortfall. Raise and train the pilots we need.  Father, I pray for Your grace this day on every pilot who is a commercial airline pilot.  Answer their prayers. Show Your grace and compassion.  Lead many into a personal relationship with You.  Bless ministries to the airline industry, such as the Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel.  Empower their work and may they experience the blessings of lives changed. Amen

Australian Tragedy

Dear Father, a man drove his white SUV into a crowd of pedestrians in Melbourne, Australia.  19 people have been injured. The driver of the car is alleged to have a history of drug abuse, violence, and mental illness.  An accomplice, who was carrying a bag with knives and filmed the incident, was arrested as well. Witnesses report the car was traveling fast and bodies were sent flying. Many are stating it was a miracle no one was killed instantly.Father, apparently a pre-school-aged child has serious head injuries.  I ask that You please have mercy on the child and his/her parents.  Bring full recovery to the child. Hold the hands and give hugs to the parents of this child as they suffer with the suffering of their innocent little one.  Father, give the parents reasons to praise You for how You answer their prayers and deliver their little child from this horrific incident.  I pray for the others that were injured or traumatized by the event.  I ask for Your blessings on them as well.  Father, lead the men who committed this crime to remorse, repentance, forgiveness, and spiritual transformation. Amen.

Ferry Capsized

Dear Father, a rescue effort is apparently underway in the Philippines after a ferry capsized.  One report states that four people have drowned and 88 remain missing while 166 people have been saved.  Rough weather is believe to have contributed to the accident in the waters east of Manila.  Father, have mercy on whomever is in distress this very moment.  Save lives and rescue people in the waters.  For those who have been injured, I pray for Your grace.  Bring them full healing and recovery.  Most importantly, I pray this incident will lead to a spiritual revival for all who survived the sinking.  May they examine their lives and reconsider who You are and how they should live their lives.  May this incident lead to testimonies that inspire others to come to faith in You. Amen.