Thursday December 7, 2017

Wednesday December 6, 2017
December 6, 2017
Friday December 8, 2017
December 8, 2017

Philadelphia Ban on Bullet Proof Glass

Dear Father, it has been reported today that the Philadelphia Public Health and Human Services Committee passed a bill to make it illegal for small businesses to have bullet proof glass protecting the cashier. The sponsor of this bill has suggested that the glass hurts the feelings of residents in the low-income, high crime, neighborhoods who consider such glass is not present in the suburbs. Father, forgive us! We came out of the womb self-centered to begin with but now our culture is doing everything it can to make each one of us intolerably selfish. Our feelings are so precious and they cannot be hurt. We must feel good about ourselves every minute of our lives. We must be told that we cannot overcome adversity. We must understand that we are incredibly fragile, devoid of any backbone. The government will spoon feed us the messaging that we are little children who cannot survive emotionally in this big bad world without their protection. Father, please protect the shop owners in Philadelphia. If they are forced to remove the bullet proof glass, keep them safe! Keep their customers safe! I thank You for every technology, from bullet proof glass to video equipment, that discourages crime in a world where people are naturally unloving, selfish, and violent. Father, please protect innocent civilians today all over this country from the foolishness of politicians. I also ask that Your church will communicate to the residents of every neighborhood that they can have strength through Christ to overcome any difficulty, including anything that hurts their feelings. Amen.

US Fighter Pilots

Dear Father, I want to lift up this morning all the men and women who serve as fighter pilots in the US military. Father, there’s is a dangerous profession. They fly incredibly fast and complex planes with very destructive weaponry. They are the targets of both ground-to-air missiles and air-to-air missiles launched by enemy aircraft. Their profession demands extraordinary skill and expertise. They must be able to scramble within seconds to protect the civilian population or their military brothers and sisters. Father, I pray for the safety of each one of them this day. I ask that You give them the skills and resources they need to protect us. I ask that You move within that community and lead many of them to faith in You. May they reach out to You for help and guidance. May they cry out to You for protection and success. May they do their jobs with honor. Make each man or woman whose office is a cockpit a person of good character. Father, may they never be tasked to do their job unjustly or maliciously. May they rest easy that their actions always were required to defend the innocent and powerless and to give justice to victims of oppression. Amen

Christmas and New Year’s Crowds

Dear Father, terrorists are reported today to be threatening public places during the Christmas and New Year’s season. Father, I ask for Your protection on the innocent. Deliver people from acts of terror. Arrest those who would do harm before they have the opportunity to do so. Spoil their plans. Make conspiracies fall apart through internal conflict. Lead disgruntled conspirators to reveal plots and plans to authorities. Give our governing authorities success through electronic survelliance in their effort to uncover terror plots. Father, if You do allow acts of terror to occur, I ask that you will keep to a minimum the number of victims. I pray their injuries will be minor and that they will quickly overcome the trauma of the experience. Father, I pray also for any potential terrorist. Father, their hearts are hurting this day. They lash out because they are bitter with their lives. They feel a deep emptiness that they believe can only be filled through acts of violence and infamy. Father, may all who plan to kill this Christmas and New Year’s encounter Your life-changing love in the next few weeks. Give them a new heart and set them on a course of peace. Amen.