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Germany, Immigration, and Nazism

Dear Father, it is estimated that over 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazi regime in Germany between 1941 and 1945. Only 200,000 Jews remain in Germany, less than half of the number of Jews in 1933. In the seven decades since the end of WWII, it has been a crime in Germany for citizens to promote Nazism or to deny the historical truth of the holocaust. Germany is ashamed of its history and has taken steps to make sure a holocaust never happens again within its borders. For example, students are required to visit concentration camps as part of their normal education. In recent years, German political leaders have welcomed into the country over a half million Arab refugees from the conflict in Syria. Many of these immigrants have come into Germany with an intense dislike of Israel and the Jewish people. When the Trump Administration recently recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, many of these Arab refugees protested by burning Israeli flags and shouting “Death to Israel”. The refugee-led rise in anti-semitism in Germany is in opposition to the long-standing policy in Germany to protect Jewish interests. German politicians have recently suggested legislation requiring all immigrants to visit Nazi concentration camps to educate them about the dangers of anti-semitism. Father, I ask for several things about this. First, I thank You for the 70-year commitment by the German people to never repeat the atrocities of the German government in the 1930s-1940s. I ask that the German nation will continue this commitment in the decades to come. Second, I pray for your protection of the Holocaust memorials themselves. May they continue to be a reminder to the world for generations to come that mankind is incapable of all kinds of evil when we live in rebellion from You. Third, I pray for the Jewish people who live in Germany. Protect them. Provide for them. May Your church minister to their needs. May there be a harvest of German Jews who embrace what Christ has done on the cross for them. Fourth, I pray for a movement within the immigrants in Germany to respect the country’s legacy to protect the interests of the Jewish people. Father, take this issue and use it to advance Your church in Germany. Amen.

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens

Dear Father, Republican Eric Greitens was elected as Governor of Missouri in November 2016. A former Navy Seal and Democrat, Eric is the second youngest governor in the United States. He attended Oxford University and is a Rhodes scholar. He received a Purple Heart for his heroism during his four tours of duty in the military. He founded The Mission Continues, a non-profit organization that serves the needs of veterans. Many believe he was elected on the coattails of Donald Trump, a political outsider brought into office to reform the Missouri state government. Eric’s first marriage ended in 2003. He then married Sheena Elise Chestnut in 2011. They have two sons, Joshua and Jacob. Eric admitted yesterday that he had an extramarital affair in 2015, prior to his campaign for governor. It has been reported that he blackmailed the woman he had an affair with, threatening to release compromising photos of her if she ever released information about the affair. The ex-husband of the woman he had an affair with has a recording where the woman shared the details of the affair. This forced Eric to admit he was unfaithful. However, Sheena has stood by her husband and they both deny he attempted any blackmail. Father, I ask that the people of Missouri will develop a deeper commitment to marital fidelity because of this incident. I ask that the institution of marriage will be strengthened within the state. I ask that there will be men and women in Missouri who are considering affairs or who are currently in affairs who will renew their commitment to their spouses. I pray for Eric and Sheena and their two sons. I ask that you restore and renew their marriage and the unity in the home. I ask that Eric will seek forgiveness and that Sheena will forgive. I ask that You will transform the hearts of both Eric and Sheena and that they both develop an intense desire to honor and serve You. I ask that both of them will seek a Christ-centered relationship. I also ask for Your blessings on the woman who had an affair with Eric. May she come to faith in Christ and may she experience Your love and mercy in a life-transforming way. Father, turn this crisis into a testimony of Your grace. Amen.

Jim Willinghan

Dear Father, it has been reported that 69-year-old Baltimore resident Jim Willinghan was the victim of a car jacking in the city. He suffered a broken pelvis which will require six months of rehab for total recovery. Four of the six teens who are responsible have been arrested, thanks to a a Comcast worker who caught the incident on video. The teens are alleged to have driven over Willinghan’s battered body with his own car before fleeing the scene. Father, I ask for Your mercy on Jim Willinghan. Reduce his pain. Give him comfort. May the medical community give him the best of care. May his rehab and recovery surpass expectations. I also pray for his full recovery from the emotional trauma of being attacked. Provide the funding he needs for his medical bills. I pray for Your blessings on his family as they will have a tough time over the next year. May Your church in the community stand with this family and support them. I ask that the two teens on the run will be captured. I ask that all six teens will be prosecuted and that justice will be victorious for Jim. However, as a volunteer in a juvenile detention ministry, I do ask that each of these six young men will have an encounter with Jesus Christ. May their lives be changed. May they seek forgiveness from You and from the victim. May they dedicate their lives to showing the love of God to others. Amen.

Jeff Bezos

Dear Father, in 1994 Jeff Bezos understood the explosive possiblities of the Internet. Within six years, 50% of US households would be using the Internet to shop. He created Amazon to sell CDs, computers, computer software, videos, and books with the intent to become the largest online retailer in the world. What began as an operation working from his garage in the mid-90s has led to a report in January 2018 that Jeff is worth over $ 100 billion. His wealth exceeds the GDP of over 151 nations. To gain perspective, Jeff’s wealth could pay for three $ 10 meals a day for an entire year for over 9 million people (8 million people live in New York City). Among the long list of companies he invested in are Twitter, Google, Nextdoor, and Uber. He or his family has donated money to technology initiatives, cancer research, and education. Many credit his $ 2.5 million donation for the successful legalization of same-sex marriage in Washington state. Bezos, who has four children with his wife Mackenzie, had a role in the film Star Trek Beyond. Father, all of this being said, Jeff will take none of this to the grave with him. He will not have a dime in his pocket when he is called before You someday. His fame, power, and influence on earth will evaporate when he encounters the living God face-to-face. He will see that he, like the rest of us, are nothing compared to You. Unless the Holy Spirit transforms his character and he is used by You on earth to lead people to faith in Christ, his bag of treasures will be empty in heaven. In fact, many impoverished men and women around the globe today, dedicated to sharing the love of God with people in need, will have more treasures than Jeff in eternity. However, I ask this day that You have mercy on Jeff. He may be the richest person in history but he may be destined to an eternity of spiritual poverty. Rescue him. Give him a “Damascus Road” encounter with the risen Christ. Help him to see his great need for a Savior. Lead him to confession and repentance from his rebellion from You (something we all need to do). May he dedicate his life and his billions to the advancement of Your church. Father, use him to change people’s lives and may Your work through him give him treasures in heaven. Don’t allow this poor soul to have nothing after his death. Have compassion and mercy on him and his family. May they experience the peace and joy of knowing they are in a right relationship with their Creator. Amen.

Islam in 2040 and Testimonies in the Church

Dear Father, the Pew Research Center has estimated that Islam will be the second largest religion in the United States in 2040. The Muslim population is expected to double to 8 million, mostly through immigration and through the expected children to come from the predominantly youthful Muslim population in 2018. However, it is estimated that there will be 262 million Christians by 2050 and 101 million people who don’t identify with any religion. Father, I understand that many of those who are labeled as Christian in this projection will not have surrendered their lives to Christ. They will be Christian only in name. Father, I am asking for Your blessings on an entirely different statistic. There are an estimated 300,000 Protestant churches in the US. Father, based on my study of over 2,000 church websites, I estimate that there are approximately 60,000 churches in the US that have published testimonies on their website. Father, I ask you to triple that by 2040. I ask that there will be 180,000 churches, over 3,000 per state, that will commit to the publishing of testimonies on the front page of their website. May America, including the Muslim population, be inundated in 2040 with inspiring testimonies published on Protestant church websites about the transforming work of Christ in people’s lives. Amen.