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January 17, 2018
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January 19, 2018

David Kohlhase

Dear Father, it has been reported that David Kohlhase, 18, a student at Portsmouth High School, was killed in a sledding accident at Sunday River ski resort in Maine yesterday morning. Another student, Max Malila, has been hospitalized with serious injuries. The two were riding an inflatable tube at 2 am on the Tempest Trail ski run. A third student, who was not injured, reported the accident to the authorities. Father, I ask for Your grace and mercy on Max Malila today. I ask that he will recover from his injuries and the emotional trauma of the accident. I pray that You will use this opportunity to bring him and his family into a personal relationship with You. I ask for Your mercy and blessing also on the boy who was not injured. He will be dealing with emotional issues from the accident as well. Father, I ask that both boys will come to know You and that they will have a testimony of how You transformed their lives from this incident. Father, I ask for Your blessings on the Kohlhase family and the friends and classmates of David. Comfort them in their grief. Be kind and compassionate. Meet their needs. I pray that You will use this season of grief to show Your amazing love for each person impacted by this tragedy. Father, I ask for the spark of a spiritual revival at Portsmouth High School. May the churches in the surrounding communities be Your hands and feet ministering to students in need. Amen.

Hannah Green

Dear Father, 17-year-old Hannah Green, a student at the Amelia County High School in Virginia, died on Saturday of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound to the abdomen. She was upset over an altercation with her former boyfriend. Her mother, Jennifer Riggan, has stated her belief that her daughter was not suicidal but got caught up in a momentary feeling of despair. Alcohol is believed to have contributed to the shooting. The report suggests the girl’s parents were divorced and her father had remarried. Father, I ask for Your grace, mercy, and compassion for all whose lives were touched by this tragedy. Bring comfort to Jennifer Riggan and to Hannah’s father. I ask that You will do something miraculous in this family and among Hannah’s friends and classmates. Draw people to You. Change their hearts and minds. Give them new hope. Father, I pray for Your mercy on the former boyfriend. May this experience lead him into a walk with You. May the lessons of Hannah’s passing save at least one teenager from a similar fate. Amen.

Joseph Haynes

Dear Father, 16-year-old Joseph Haynes was shot and killed by a Franklin County sheriff’s deputy in a Columbus, Ohio domestic relations courtroom yesterday. It is reported that a fight broke out between the teen’s family and the deputy after a hearing regarding firearms charges against the boy. The deputy was knocked to the ground and his service revolver was subsequently fired, striking Joseph Haynes. The authorities are investigated exactly what happened. Father, I ask for Your mercy on the teen’s family. Father, use this tragedy to bring them to faith in You. I pray that at least one person from his family will share their testimony one day about how You did amazing acts of love during their darkest moments. I pray that the truth will be discovered and that the determination of innocence or guilt will be just and true. I ask for Your blessings on the deputy. I am sure this incident is causing this person a great deal of angst today. Father, please minister to them. Bring the comfort of Christ into their lives this very day. May they experience a peace that can only come from God. Amen.

Luis Bracamontes

Dear Father, 37-year-old Luis Bracamontes, an illegal immigrant, is on trial for murdering Sacramento Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver and Deputy Michael Davis Jr. on October 24, 2014. He is also charged with shooting a civilian in the head in order to highjack a car. His wife is also on trial for being an accomplice in the crimes. At his trial in California, Luis admitted to his crimes, laughed about them, expressed remorse he didn’t kill more, and promised to resume killing if he escapes custody. His defense is not pleading his innocence. Instead, they are pleading mental illness and/or that he was high on methamphetamines, the difference between execution and life in prison. Luis has an arrest record in Arizona and he has been deported twice. Father, Your word makes it very clear – we are to pray for even the vilest among us. Saul had no remorse that he was killing Christians. You met him on the Damascus Road and he became Paul, the writer of much of the New Testament. Father, I ask You to do a miracle in Luis’ life. Change this man. Deliver him from the hate and bitterness. May he have an encounter with Jesus Christ that transforms his heart and mind. Father, may the man who is eager to kill today become a man who saves lives through his testimony of your love. You can do all things. Father, please be abundant in your grace, mercy, and compassion for the loved ones of Deputy Danny Oliver, Deputy Michael Davis, and the other individual who was shot on October 24. Whatever are their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs today, please meet them. Amen.