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January 3, 2018
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January 5, 2018

Steve Bannon

Dear Father, today I lift up Steve Bannon. He is a former US Navy officer who became an investment banker at Goldman Sachs. He was involved in Biosphere 2, the facility working to give mankind the ability to simulate a life-sustaining biosphere in space. He has produced 18 Hollywood films. However, he is most known for his influence on US politics. He is the Executive Chairman of Breitbart News, an influential far right news and opinion website. He is the former White House Chief Strategist in the Trump administration and he was CEO of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. In 2017, Bannon declared war on the established Republican Party, believing the party is not listening to the will of the conservative base. His support for controversial Roy Moore, a Republican candidate who lost the 2017 election for one of the US Senate seats in Alabama, led to the loss of Bannon’s credibility as a political strategist. Bannon and Trump are now in a public war, accusing one another of incompetency and corruption. Father, Steve is clearly a man who is gifted with intelligence. He has been successful in a variety of industries and careers. He is also a man of conviction, who fights for what he believes in. Father, it would be amazing if this man focused his energy on the advancement of Your church. Father, I ask that You bring him to faith in Jesus Christ. May he surrender his life to You. Transform his heart and mind. May he thrive in the 2020s as a man of influence who shares his faith in You without fear. May his talents and skills, combined with the fruits of the Holy Spirit, be used to solve problems within the church and to ease the suffering of others. Father, call to him today and may he hear Your voice. Amen.

Kellyanne Conway

Dear Father, Kellyanne Conway is a counselor to President Trump. After initially supporting Ted Cruz for President of the United States, she was hired by Donald Trump and she became the first woman to successfully run a US Presidential campaign. She is the former President and CEO of The Polling Company. She and her husband George have four children, three daughters and a son. She has done well in her career despite the fact that she grew up without a father. Her estranged grandfather is alleged to have connections to a Philadelphia crime family. She is now responsible for the White House fight against the epidemic of opioid overdose in our nation. Millions of individuals and families have been hurt by this epidemic. This makes her job very important to our nation. Father, I ask that You lead Kellyanne into a personal relationship with You. May she surrender her life over to You. May that surrender give her the character traits and the message she needs to lead a successful fight against addiction. Father, lead her to work with the church across the nation. I am convinced it is the church alone that You have empowered to truly set people free from the chains of addiction. I pray for Your kindness and mercy upon her life. Give her what she needs and protect her from harm. Amen.


Dear Father, it has been reported that the number of healthy churches in this island nation of 330,000 people can be counted on two hands. Though the nation is alleged to be 85% Christian, the reality is that it is one of the most secular and godless nation’s on earth. Church attendance is very low and many churches have been closing. It has been reported that only 33% of babies are born to married couples. The people place their confidence in their strong economy, which is bolstered by tourism, and their cultural independence. Father, I ask that You will do miraculous work in this country. Bring people to faith in You, transform their hearts, and then lead them to share their faith and acts of compassion with their neighbors in need. Create new thriving church communities throughout the city of Reykjavik, just like You created the earth out of chaos. Father, claim this nation for Yourself. May their be a revival in the 2020s and 2030s that stuns the rest of the Christian world. Amen.

Layne Chesney

Dear Father, it has been reported that 14-year old Layne Chesney of Fort Pierce, FL suffered third degree burns after 95% of her body on New Year’s Eve. She allegedly poured gasoline on a bonfire. Father, I cannot imagine the phsycial pain this girl must be in. I read that the medical staff has put her into a coma to ease her suffering. Procedures have been taken to remove her skin to her muscles. I cannot imagine the emotional suffering of Layne’s family and her friend and his parents who were present when she caught on fire. Father, if there was ever a need for a miracle it is here. Pour Your love, compassion, grace, mercy, kindness, and goodness into this situation. I don’t know what that looks like. However, may all involved, including Layne herself, praise You one day for how Your love was so overwhelming in this tragedy. Father, I ask that You will protect Layne from infection. I pray that whatever steps the doctors are taking will lead to the best outcome for her. Father, I ask that You will be so kind in this situation that Layne and her family do not have a lifetime of suffering because of one moment when Layne made a mistake, the kind of mistake any one of us could make. Father, I don’t know further how to pray about this other than to plead for Your mercy and grace on the Chesney family. Amen.