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March 12, 2018
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March 16, 2018

Lawrence Kudlow

Dear Father, Lawrence Kudlow, 70, has been appointed Donald Trump’s Economic Adviser and the director of the National Economic Council. Kudlow will work with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Trade Adviser Peter Navarro, and Commerce Department Wilbur Ross. Kudlow, who formerly worked as the Chief Economist at both Paine Webber and Bear Stearns, shares President Trump’s tax cut and deregulation policies. However, Kudlow has opposed Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum. Kudlow has expressed his concern for rising budget deficits. Kudlow and Trump met years ago when Trump was interviewed on Kudlow’s radio shows. Kudlow, a Vietnam war protestor in the 1960s, has successfully recovered from drug and alcohol addiction. Father, I ask that Mr. Kudlow will call out to You for guidance, direction, and wisdom. Surround him with godly advisors. Transform his heart and mind. May he follow Your voice on economic policy, whether he realizes it or not. I pray that his actions will foster the optimum economy for Your church to flourish in ministry. I thank You for his recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. May his influence in the government help our nation successfully reduce the drug epidemic in America. Amen.

Connor Lamb

Dear Father, Connor Lamb, 33, a Democrat and former Marine, has narrowly won a special House election in southwestern Pennsylvania. He has a 627-vote lead as of yesterday afternoon in an election where the Republicans will most likely call for a recount. Given that President Trump won this district by 20%, the election is considered a strong indicator that Republicans may lose significantly in this November’s mid-term elections. Combined with the results of other recent special elections around the country, Democrats are emboldened to challenge Republicans in deep-red districts. Mr. Lamb positioned himself as an independent, not beholding to Democratic leadership in Washington, a centrist and a more traditional Democrat, focusing much of his campaign on reforming student loans, jobs, affordable health care, union rights, economic fairness, and protecting Medicare and Social Security. His campaign did not focus on controversial social issues such as gun-control. It is believed his anti-Nancy Pelosi stance resonated with voters on both sides of the aisle. His opponent, Rick Saccone, campaigned in near total endorsement of President Trump’s agenda. Father, I ask that the final election results will be truthful. May their be no unethical or illegal manipulation of votes in this very close contest. May the candidate who truly has more votes be elected into the office. Father, assuming that will be Connor Lamb, I ask that You will give Connor wisdom beyond his years. Surround him with godly advisers. May the churches in his district flourish in ministry because of his actions while in office. I ask that You will lead Connor into a personal relationship with You if he doesn’t already have one. Transform his heart and mind and give him the values that You want him to have. Meet his needs and protect his family as he now serves in public office. Amen.

Mike Pompeo

Dear Father, C.I.A. Director Mike Pompeo as been appointed by President Trump to be the new pick for Secretary of State. Mr. Pompeo has extensive international expertise and credibility with foreign governments. Experts believe Mr. Pompeo, who believes America needs to take a role in international politics, will counter President Trumps isolationist and America-first diplomatic policies. Mr. Pompeo has also taken a tougher stand on Russia than has the President. It has been reported that the ouster of Rex Tillerson, a former Exxon executive, has been celebrated by many in the State Department. Mr. Tillerson has been criticized as a poor leader who alienated much of his staff. He disagreed with President Trump in many key issues of diplomacy, including the move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Father, give Mike Pompeo success in his new office. May he strengthen America’s relationships with foreign countries. I pray that America will be more compassionate to the world’s poor because of Mr. Pompeo’s policies. I pray that Your church will be more effective ministering to people in spiritual need throughout the globe because of his Mr. Pompeo’s actions. I pray You will surround him with godly advisors. I ask that You move him to seek wisdom and understanding from You. Meet his every need and protect his family as he too serves in public office. As for Mr. Tillerson, I pray that You will draw him close to You.  Lead him into a life changing experience with Your grace and mercy.  Meet his every need and give him a role in advancing the cause of Christ. Amen.

F-18 Crashes

Dear Father, a pilot and a weapons system officer have died in a Navy F-18 crash near Key West, Florida. It is believed that the plane caught fire before crashing into the ocean. The two victims were able to eject from the plane by parachute but later died of their injuries in the hospital. Father, I ask for Your compassion and kindness to surround the family and friends of the two victims. May Your church be gracious to the families. Walk with these families through the grieving process. Use this tragedy to strengthen their faith. May they one day share stories of how Your amazing love gave them incredible peace in this very dark hour of their lives. Amen.

Sam Altman

Dear Father, Sam Altman, 32, is a Silicon Valley billionaire who is said to be prepared to pay someone $ 10,000 to kill him in the belief that his brain will be digitally uploaded to a computer, enabling him to live forever. Altman, who made his wealth from founding Y Combinator, a venture fund company, will have his brain embalmed so that his memories can one day be transferred into the body of an android. Netcome is one of the leading businesses in this field, working with federal grants and MIT scientists to develop this technology. The practice is considered physician-assisted suicide which is legal in only five states. Father, many humans do not understand the nature of the “soul”. It is not the collection of a person’s thoughts and memories. I could record every moment of my life into a computer. However, those recordings will be merely bits and bytes in a file. There will be no soul in the computer that has emotional attachment to those memories or the ability to make program-free moral choices. There will be no consciousness, not anymore than my Word autobiography document is able to think on it’s own. The soul is an amazing supernatural gift from You given to us at conception. Your Word tells us that our souls will survive the death of our bodies, including the death of our brains. Mr. Altman is going to live forever, thought the enjoyment of that eternal life depends upon what he does with the message of the cross of Jesus Christ. Father, I ask for Your mercy on Sam Altman. Lead him to the true source of eternal life. Bring him into a life-changing experience with Christ. May his heart and mind be transformed. May he find hope for eternal life because of his deep love for You. May he awaken one day soon, before his assisted-suicide, and realize he needs to trust You with his life and death and not try to take charge of it himself. Amen.