Thursday May 24, 2018

Tuesday May 22, 2018
May 22, 2018
Tuesday May 29, 2018
May 29, 2018

Propel Charter School

Dear Father, Propel Charter School of Hazelwood, PA, near Pittsburgh, is in the news today. Parents are outraged that a science teacher allegedly asked seventh-graders to look up graphic images of oral sex on their phones. According to the report, the teacher didn’t want the students to use school computers for the search. Parents have complained that it was their right to have that conversation with their children at the appropriate time and in the appropriate manner. The parents have complained that the children now have images in their minds that they cannot erase. A spokeswoman for the school has said an investigation has been launched. The course was part of a partnership with Adagio Health which has been hired to teach a sexual education course. One of Adagio’s partners is Planned Parenthood. Father, I ask for You to give special attention today to the students in that seventh grade class. I ask that You work in each of their lives in such a manner that they all one day come to faith in Jesus Christ. Guide them to spiritual transformation, giving them the character traits they need to prosper in life and in ministry. Protect the children from the implications of the images that they saw at such a young age. Father, give understanding to the teacher that assigned this task to the students. Lead the teacher to a deeper relationship with You. Father, I ask that You give the school administrators wisdom and may they make the right decisions that are in accordance to Your will. Amen.

North Korea Summit Cancelled

Dear Father, many around the world are disappointed today upon notification that the U.S. has cancelled the scheduled June 12th Singapore summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un of North Korea. The Trump Administration took this action after North Korea cancelled a scheduled peace summit with South Korea, a summit with the stated goal of achieving a nuclear-free Korean peninsula. North Korea cancelled that summit in response to U.S. and South Korean military exercises which North Korea perceived to be a threat. A North Korean official subsequently insulted Vice President Pence’s intelligence. Father, we ask for You to continue to work to bring peace on the Korean peninsula. Soften the hearts once more of both North Korean and U.S. officials, leading them to the conference table and the peaceful ending of a war that has lasted for almost 70 years. I pray for Your protection of innocent civilians in North Korea, South Korean, and in the U.S. Protect their safety. Protect Your church and may Your church prosper throughout North Korea in the years to come. Amen.

Ireland to Vote on Abortion

Dear Father, the Irish people will vote on a national referendum tomorrow to overturn its strict abortion laws. Polling data indicate that the vote is going to be close, with older and more rural voters voting against a woman’s right to an abortion up to the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The formerly conservative Catholic country has already legalized contraception, divorce, and same-sex marriage. An estimated 3,300 Irish women a year obtain legal abortions in England. Another 1,000 attempt abortion in the privacy of their homes, risking conviction and incarceration. Younger and more urban voters are in favor of the legalization of abortion to allow a woman to abort a pregnancy that is the result of a rape or when the fetus has serious deformities. Father, I ask that You will intervene in this referendum and that You will protect the innocent. I ask that You will protect those who cannot defend themselves. I ask that You give women in Ireland courage to do what is the right thing according to Your will. I also ask that You make Your church strong, ministering to the needs of women in crisis pregnancies. May no woman in the country, facing a crisis or unwanted pregnancy, not have the commitment of godly men and women who will walk with her through the adoption process or through the raising of the child. Father, I ask that, no matter what happens with the referendum tomorrow, You will save the lives of children who will one day be a blessing to the people of Ireland. Spare the lives of the heros of tomorrow, people our world needs so much. Amen.

Child Dies Left in Car

Dear Father, a one-year-old girl has died in East Nashville, Tennessee after her adoptive father accidentally left her in the backseat of the car during the heat of the day. The mother found the child in the car later in the evening. Father, I cannot imagine the grief and heartache this family is experiencing. The mother must be in excruciating emotional pain. The adoptive father has to deal with an unbearable mistake that will be with him the rest of his life. Father, this family needs Your grace and mercy. Rescue them. Flood into their lives. Bring godly men and women from Your church to walk with them through this horrific time. Surround these two people with Your incredible love. May this nightmare somehow lead to their spiritual healing and transformation. Amen.

Alexander Ovechkin

Dear Father, Alexander Ovechkin is a Russian ice hockey player and the captain of the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League. Alexander was the rookie of the year in 2005-2006 and he has led the NHL in goal scoring seven times. An outspoken supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ovechkin has won quite a few other awards throughout his 13 year NHL career. Alexander is in the news today because he scored the game winning goal in the deciding game against Tampa Bay last night, enabling the Washington Capitals to finally make it to the Stanley Cup Finals. Previous to this season, the Capitals had not been able to get beyond the second round of the NHL playoffs in ten consecutive seasons. Father, I ask that You lead Alexander into a personal relationship with You. Orchestrate events in his life that lead to his discovery that You are the amazing God of love who is to be both feared and adored. May Alexander one day have a testimony that inspires many people to surrender their lives to You. In the meantime, give him many things to thank You for and let him know clearly it is You who deserves the thanksgiving. Amen.