Thursday November 2, 2017

Wednesday November 1, 2017
November 1, 2017
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November 3, 2017

Houston Astros

Dear Father, I thank You for Your kindness to the city of Houston. After they suffered devastation from Hurricane Harvey, You gave the city its first sports championship since 1995 and its first ever World Series championship. I pray that the championship will lift the spirits of the people of the Houston metropolitan area. May the championship inspire people to battle through and overcome their adversities and accomplish their noble goals. May the championship foster unity in the region. May Your people, living in the Houston area, fully enjoy this rare delight. Father, five years ago the team won only 51 games. Their championship last night is evidence that the last can become first through hardwork and dedication. Amen.

Stephen Hawking

Dear Father, I ask for Your grace and mercy to pour into Stephen Hawking’s life, even this very day. Father, I can’t imagine having to live each day with his disability. It must be so incredibly difficult. May those of us who have the freedom to walk, talk, lift, carry, step, hold, etc., be ever grateful for the blessings we have received.. May our gratefulness lead us to be agents of Your love for people like Stephen, who are imprisoned by their disease-riddled bodies. Father, Stephen is a professed atheist. I can understand the relationship he can easily make between the cruelty of his physical suffering and the apparent absence of a “loving God”. However, I know You are loving. You invented love. It is You who gave us the ability and the mindset to be compassionate, kind, merciful, and generous to one another. You call us to love one another because You are a God who loves. Why is Stephen suffering so much? I can’t begin to imagine. However, I do ask that You will reveal Your deep love to him in a manner that gives him hope for the future and peace and joy about the present. Father, give him a gift of kindness today and may the package clearly have Your name on it. Amen.

Colorado Walmart Shooting

Dear Father, last night a man walked into a Denver area Walmart and opened fire on the staff and customers. Three people were killed. As of this hour, the gunmen has not been captured. Father, I pray for the victims and the survivors of this shooting. I pray for those who were not shot but who were traumatized. I ask You to give them Your compassion and mercy and may each one heal both physically and emotionally from the experience. Surround the families of those who lost their lives with Your love and compassion. May their be full healing after their season of grief. Father, may there be wonderful testimonies of Your love that come out of this scenseless act of violence. I ask that the gunmen will be arrested and that justice will be served. May the gunmen himself go through guilt, remorse, confession, repentance, and surrender. May he turn into a man of God who shares his testimony of Your forgiveness with many. Amen.

Meadow Grace Boyd

Dear Father, I learned today that Meadow Grace Boyd, 13 and of Oregon, was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver while she stood in the dark on her driveway waiting for the school bus. It is thought that the girl was struck by an object pertruding from a passing vehicle, the driver unaware he or she had struck a child. Father, this sounds like an horrific accident. I pray that the driver will be identified. I pray that justice will be served where evil was intended. I pray compassion will be served where this was unintentional and where the driver feels great remorse. However, I primarily pray for Meadow’s family. May You surround them with Your love, compassion,a nd grace. May those who love You help this family navigate the funeral and their extended season of grief. I ask that, down the road, Meadow’s family will have an inspiring testimony of Your deliverance that gives many others hope. Amen.