Thursday November 9, 2017

Wednesday November 8, 2017
November 8, 2017
Friday November 10, 2017
November 10, 2017

Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa

Dear Father, it has been reported that a boy in Germany has been restored to health after a battle with Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa. The genetic disease, caused by the inner and outer layers of skin not binding together, causes blisters and open sores. The boy was put into an induced coma so he would not have to suffer from the severe pain. Doctors were successfully able to use gene theraphy to generate new skin. Father, I pray for Your blessings on this boy. May he become a young man who loves You, serves You, and dedicates his life to caring for others. I pray You will sustain his health. Father, many would credit medical technology and human skill for his recovery. Sure, bless those whose hard work contributed to this boy’s recovery. However, I want to thank You for this story. Father, You are the one who has given mankind the ability to conceive effective treatments for disease. You have given us the intelligence, the creativity, and the hands to create solutions. Father, thank You today for the medical technology in the 21st century. Amen.

Recently Elected Politicians

Dear Father, voters across America elected politicians into office on Tuesday, November 7. I ask that You give each of these politicians deep respect for their office. May they have a fervant desire to do an outstanding job representing their constituents. May they respect all of the voters in the districts they serve, regardless of whether or not a voter voted for them. Father, I ask that You will work in each of these politician’s lives, calling them into a personal relationship with You. May they ask You for wisdom and understanding. May their activities and their decisions in office advance the work of Your church, whether or not they intend to do that. Father, meet each of their personal needs and give them reasons to thank You. Amen.

Russ Kurth and Elijah Silvera

Dear Father, I ask that You attend to the needs of the grieving family of Russ Kurth. The 63-year-old Iowa man was killed when he was buried by corn stored in a grain elevator. Show Your compassion, mercy, and kindness to them today. May lives be transformed by the way in which You shower this family with love. I also pray for Your mercies and grace on the family of Elijah Silvera. The three year old Harlem boy died from an allergic reaction to the dairy products in a grilled cheese sandwich he consumed at school. Father, comfort his family. Walk with them through their grief. May his survivors grow in their relationship with You because of this tragedy. Amen.

Ken White

Dear Father, I ask for your mercy, grace, kindness, and compassion for the family of Ken White. The 32 year old Michigan man was killed by five teenagers who found it amusing to throw a rock from an overpass into Mr. White’s windshield. Ken leaves behind a fiance and four children. Father, may Your people show Your amazing love to this family. May their every need be met as they go through this season of grief. May the fiance feel your love today in an incredible way. Guide her to emotional and financial recovery from this loss. Protect the four children as they must now live the rest of their lives without their biological father. Father, raise up godly men and women to help the mother care for these kids, giving them love, guidance, and protection. Father, may these four children become adults who love and serve You. As for the teens who comitted the crime, may justice be served to them. This is apparently not the first time they have done this. Kyle, Mark, Trevor, Mikaydun, and Alexander now may face life in jail. Father, may each one of these young men cry out to You for forgiveness. May each of these young men have remorse for the life they ended. May each of these young men surrender their lives to Christ at some point before they pass from this earth. May each of these young men become testimonies to the transforming and forgiving love of Christ, a love that can thrive even behind prison walls. Father, turn this tragedy into something good. Amen.

China and US relations – Trump and Xi Jinping

Dear Father, I pray Your blessings upon the President Trump’s visit with President Xi Jinping of China. Father, may those two develop a relationship of trust and friendship. May they work together to improve the lives of the people of both China and the United States. May they work together to foster peace and stability in every corner of the planet. Father, may their relationship be a blessing to Your church in China. Amen.