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October 14, 2018
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October 25, 2018

Natalie Edwards

Dear Father, Natalie Edwards has been charged with leaking confidential financial information about associates of President Trump to the press. Natalie, a senior official in the Treasury Department, is alleged to have given the information to the news media for the purpose of derailing President Trump and his agenda. A number of people cite this case as evidence for the “deep state”, un-elected bureaucrats who take matters into their own hands to shape the direction of the country. Father, I ask for justice and truth to be victorious in this matter. However, I also ask for You to use this matter to draw Natalie into a personal relationship with You. Speak to her in such a way that she hears Your voice. Open her eyes and ears and may she experience Your love in a truly life changing manner. Transform her heart and mind. May Natalie one day cite this very issue as the method You used to turn her heart towards You. Amen.

Jayme Closs

Dear Father, Jayme Closs, 13, of Barron, Wisconsin, has been missing since Monday. She was in the home at the time her parents, James and Denise Closs, were murdered. Police were led to the scene by a 911 call from a cell phone. A disturbance could be heard in the background during that call and the front door has bullet holes. The cell phone has been recovered but with no signs of Jayme. The murder of her parents took place within 24 hours of a family gathering. Jayme is a dancer and an athlete. An Amber Alert was issued on her behalf without a description of a suspect or a vehicle. Father, if Jayme is still alive, I ask that You protect her, provide for her, minister to her, and deliver her from evil. Bring her back to her loved ones. Give her loving counsel and mentors who help her recover emotionally and spiritually. Wherever she is, may she feel Your deep love even this very moment. I pray that those who are guilty of the murder and a kidnapping will be prosecuted. May they encounter the discipline of truth and justice. However, may they also be awakened into a new life serving You. If Jayme is no longer with us, I ask that You will bring closure to this tragedy for her survivors. Father, bless the family and friends who grieve the loss of James, Denise, and Jayme. Comfort them. Attend to their needs. Lead them into a life-transforming encounter with Your love. Amen.

Jamal Khashoggi

Dear Father, Jamal Khashoggi is a Saudia Arabian progressive journalist and dissident and the former general manager and editor-in-chief of the Al-Arab News Channel. He walked into the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, Turkey on October 2, 2018 to take care of administrative paperwork related to his marriage and has not been seen again. He has been declared missing. Anonymous sources told Turkish police that Jamal was murdered and dismembered, tossed out in the trash. The Saudi government states that he exited through a rear door. However, Turkish police say there is no evidence of that based on 24 hour video footage from a CCTV camera focused on that door. The consulate was inspected by the authorities on Monday and it has been reported that evidence of foul play was found. His disappearance and presumed murder has become an international incident. Many suspect that Jamal was killed by the authority of the nation’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, and King Salman because Jamal has been very critical of the Saudi Arabian government. The Trump administration has given Saudi Arabia, a critical ally of the U.S., time to conduct their own internal investigation. However, critics of the Trump administration believe that the U.S. is giving Saudi Arabia time to fabricate a believable explanation for his disappearance. It has been reported that U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has given the Saudi’s 72 hours to finish their investigation. Similar to his response in the Brett Kavanaugh issue, Trump has stated that the U.S. should not declare guilt without evidence. On the other hand, Trump has also said their will be consequences of it is proven the Saudi’s murdered Jamal. Father, there are families and friends who are involved in this matter but who are not mentioned in the news. There is grief and loss, deep hurt, and sadness. Father, minister to those who struggle with the loss of Jamal. Attend to their needs. May they experience Your deep love and may that experience lead them to faith in You. I ask for justice – if there has been a crime, may the truth be made known and may the perpetrators be punished. Give President Trump, Mike Pompeo, and other state department employees wisdom and courage to make the right decisions in this matter. Amen.