Thursday October 19, 2017

Wednesday October 18, 2017
October 18, 2017
Friday October 20, 2017
October 20, 2017

Katy Perry

Dear Father, Katy Perry is one of the most successful female recording artists in history. She is an A-list celebrity in a culture of immorality and rebellion. Father, she grew up in an evangelical home, immersed in the church culture and in Biblical truths. She was at one time an aspiring gospel singer. However, like many of us have done through the millenia, she walked away from faith and embraced the world. With a following of millions of impressionable young minds, she remains quite vocal about her rejection of Christianity. Father, I ask You to bless Katy today. Meet her needs. Protect her. However, make it clear to her that it is You that is providing for her and watching over her. May You do something in her life this very day which opens her eyes to see the amazing God that You are. May it be reported soon that Katy is experiencing a spiritual transformation. May she understand the deep waters of her heart in a life changing way. Father, I ask that Katy will become an example of a woman who returns to faith. May her walk with You one day be mature and full of wisdom. May she soon become a minister of the love of God to those very people who idolize her worldly music today. Amen.

California Earthquake

Dear Father, today is the Great ShakeOut day in Los Angeles. Millions of Californians are to participate in a “what if” exercise, practicing how to respond in the event of the expected massive San Andreas fault earthquake. Father, I pray that the exercise gives first responders and government officials additional information and ideas for how to most effectively respond to such a disaster. I pray that the residents of California will use the exercise to properly prepare themselves. I pray that thousands of participants will take a fresh look at You today. Who is God? Is He sovereign? Does He control nature? Why would He allow an earthquake? Would we need Him to survive the natural disaster? Can ask Him to prevent it? What does He expect of us? How might God use an earthquake as discipline? Father, I ask that many people ask such questions today. May some of those who ask such questions surrender their lives over to You. May they experience spiritual rebirth and renewal. Father, use the fear of future natural disasters to call people to faith in You. Amen.

Stock Market

Dear Father, the Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the day yesterday at 23,157.60. It is the highest the index has ever been after enjoying a growth of 16% so far in 2017. There are no doubt thousands of investors who have made millions of dollars this year. However, many investors remember October 19, 1987. On that day, the stock market fell 22%, crushing the financial fortunes of many people. Is the same kind of bubble burst looming in the future? Father, I ask that You protect the stock market investments of those who are dedicated to the advancement of Your church. If You have put on an investor’s heart the desire to be generous to ministries, I pray You will protect their financial assets. Father, may investors throughout our nation understand that wealth does not provide and protect. It is not God. May investors throughout our nation look to You for all that they need. Father, for the sake of the jobs of those who are employed by investors, I pray that You will be gracious and to continue to keep stability in the stock market. Amen.

Another 9/11

Dear Father, it has been reported today that terrorists are plotting another 9/11 involving airplanes. Father, I ask that You will protect the innocent. I ask that You give the security forces of our nation the wisdom and knowledge they need to thwart every such plot. I ask that You give our government the resources, the connections, and the opportunities they need to defeat all conspiracies of terror. Father, our country has rebelled from You. You have every justification to discipline us. However, I ask that You protect those who have dedicated their lives to the growth and advancement of Your church. I ask that You protect those who will come to faith in You in their lifetimes. Father, if it is Your will that such a nightmare must happen to our nation again, I pray our country will learn from it and turn our hearts back to You. I pray such an event will lead to spiritual renewal, individually and corporately. However, I ask that You thwart the terror and empower Your church in every state to be effective sharing testimonies and showing Your compassion to people in need. Perhaps then such a moment of discipline will not be needed to restore our nation’s faith. Amen.