Thursday October 4, 2018

Monday October 1, 2018
October 1, 2018
Sunday October 7, 2018
October 7, 2018

Plane Lands Safely

Dear Father, United Airlines Flight 839, flying from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia, landed safely today. Thousands of planes land safely each day. However, the Boeing 787 plane, which was carrying 180 passengers and 14 crew members, had issued a “mayday” in mid-flight as it was running low on fuel. While the plane had plenty of gas when it landed, it was using the reserve tank after experiencing stronger than expected headwinds that held the plane back. Father, thank You for seeing to it that this plane landed safely. We have no idea how many times You protect people from tragedy every day. We do blame You when a tragedy does occur. Father, help us to thank You for the routine experiences of life that never seem to go wrong. May what happened on this plane be a wake-up call to each person on board to get their hearts and minds right with You. Father, use people from that flight to make a difference in this world. Amen.

Drug Users Given Treatment

Dear Father, the city of Seattle created a program that sends drug users, caught with small amounts of heroin and meth, into out-patient treatment instead of into jail. The program has been duplicated in over 20 other cities. The federal government is said to be considering a $ 2.5 million appropriation for the program. Supporters believe prisons do not rehabilitate drug addicts. The criminal justice system sees the initiative as an opportunity to reduce prison overcrowding. It has been reported that 58% of participants are less likely to be re-arrested than those who go to jail. Critics of the program say that a long-term independent study has not established that the program is effective. Others fear that drug pushers will change the way they sell drugs so that they look like small users, avoiding prosecution and incarceration. Father, there is no question that You are the ultimate solution for drug addiction. When people surrender their lives to You, they receive the blessing of the work of the Holy Spirit to change them. Father, I ask that Your church will become active in this program nationwide and that the church will effectively guide addicts through life-changing spiritual, emotional, and physical recovery. Amen.

Kavanaugh Update

Dear Father, the Democrats asked last week for a one week delay before a Senate vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to become the ninth Supreme Court justice. The additional week was alleged to be sufficient time for the FBI to investigate claims that Kavanaugh had sexually violated a woman in high school. It has been reported today that the FBI has submitted a report on their findings to the White House and the Senate Judiciary Committee. The FBI found no evidence to support the claims against Kavanaugh. It is expected that the Republican-controlled Senate will vote on Saturday and that Kavanaugh will begin serving on the bench. Kavanaugh’s nomination to the SCOTUS has divided our country. Half the country believes he is guilty of the charge because the alleged victim, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, was so convincing when she testified last week in the Senate. The other half of the country believes Kavanaugh is innocent, a good man with a noble career victimized by a political character assassination to prevent a constitutionalist from joining the court. Father, make truth and justice victorious in this issue. Where there has been deception, may it be revealed. Where someone has been victimized, may they heal and may their victimizer be punished. Where someone’s character has been viciously attacked without cause, give them the ultimate victory. However, I also ask that the Supreme Court will soon be restored to its noble function, freed from this political circus. Please keep the court free from political activism by either party. I pray that this nightmare will lead both Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford into closer walks with You. May they both find peace and healing through their personal relationships with You. Amen.

Police Officers Shot

Dear Father, a 27-year-old suspect is in custody after killing Terrence Carraway, 52, a Florence, SC police officer, and injuring seven other officers, who were serving him an arrest warrant. Five civilians were also wounded. The suspect surrendered after negotiating with the police. The location of the shooting was an upscale residential home in a cul-de-sac at the end of a quiet residential street. Father, we ask for an abundance of Your grace, mercy, compassion, kindness, and comfort on the Carraway family as they mourn Terrence. Carry them through their grief. Make their paths straight. Protect them. Provide for them. I also pray that You will physically and emotionally heal all those who were injured in this crime. May their suffering be a moment of spiritual renewal for them. Father, I also pray for the shooter. Turn his life around in the weeks, months, and years ahead. May he have a testimony in prison that will end up spiritually rescuing other prisoners. Amen.

Abortion Rights Assault

Dear Father, a male pro-choice activist was seen in a video kicking the upper body of a female pro-life activitist at the Life Chain pro-life rally in Toronto, Canada. The 27 year-old-woman was debating with the man when he suddenly got into a combat position and then kicked the woman. The smartphone fell to the ground. She could be heard calling for police while he stated he had been merely attempting to kick her phone to stop her from videotaping him. It has been reported that before the kick the man had arrived at the protest and had quickly become aggressive. After the video went viral, the man was fired from his job as a hair stylist. Father, I pray for both the woman and the man in this incidence. Pursue them with all of Your grace and mercy. Bring them into Your family. Turn them into witnesses of Your goodness. Give both of them a powerful testimony of transformation that inspires others in years to come. Amen.