#251 – Today Is the Day You Have Given Me

#425 – May I Never Judge those who Suffer
October 15, 2017

An excerpt from Take Every Thought to Prayer – Volume 1 – Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, good morning. Thank You for the sleep last night. Thank You for the new day with new opportunities to honor and serve You. You are my God and my Creator. I was created for Your purposes, not mine. You are holy, righteous, sovereign, powerful, all-knowing, omnipresent, all-wise, just, loving, compassionate, and merciful. Your attributes give me confidence for the day. I will be just fine because of who You are. May Your will be done in my life today. Father, today I have the following problems in my life: A, B, C, etc., I give them to You. Please work out the solutions for each of them. May the adversities You have permitted in my life teach me the lessons I need to learn to build my character. I ask that You bless my time now in Your Word. Speak to me. Thank You for the nutritious food I will eat all day and I ask that my body will be nourished by it. Father, help me to strengthen my body today through exercise so that I will be fit to serve You. I will have bills and expenses to pay today and I ask that You provide the money I need to pay for them. Please give me safety as I go from one place to the next. I pray for Your insight, wisdom, and direction for decisions X, Y, and Z that I need to make today. I have tasks D, E, and F that need to get done today. I am asking You to inspire me in these tasks. Help me to be creative, productive, and to complete them with excellence. I need Your skills and resources and Your doing behind the scene what I can’t do for myself. Father, may I be a blessing today to every person You bring into my path. The day is over. At times, I thought I could be my own god and handle things myself. I doubted You. I worshipped other things. I ask for forgiveness in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ who paid the price for my rebellion. I ask now for a refreshing night of sleep. Amen.