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April 9, 2018
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April 13, 2018

Chad Lawhorn

Dear Father, a tragic story from Vossburg, Mississippi has been reported. Casey Lawhorn, 23, shot and killed his mother and her male friend in his mother’s home in the early morning hours on Sunday. He then posted a lengthy suicide note on Facebook, describing the shooting in graphic detail. He described his mother as a drunk and said she and her friend were addicted to drugs. He talked about how he could not live any longer having committed this crime. He could not tolerate life in prison. If he would receive the death penalty, it seemed reasonable to him to save taxpayer money and end his own life now. He spoke of how he didn’t believe in God or an afterlife. If there was a God, he had done the unforgivable and he was destined to hell. He said prayer was useless and he asked specifically that no one prays for his surviving brother, Chad. He asked instead that people help his brother. After writing his note, Casey took his life near Interstate 59. Father, I ask that You transform Chad’s life in such a manner that he becomes an amazing man of God. May he have extraordinary faith. May his character become an amazing, a man of integrity and compassion who is above reproach. May he have a ministry that touches many people’s lives. May his story become inspiring and motivational to others. Today, I ask that You meet his every need in such a way that he knows the kindness is clearly from You. Comfort him as he deals with the loss of his mother and brother. Protect him from hurting himself or others. Walk with him through the anger, bitterness, sadness, and confusion and lead him to a place where he experiences genuine peace of mind and soul. Father, I ask that You also minister to the family and friends who are survivors in this tragedy. Lead them into a deeper relationship with You. Finally, there is another family somewhere out there in a similar situation. Father, prevent the same outcome. This time, may Your church intervene and pour hope into that family. May that family become an example of how You can change a family and give them all new life. Amen.

Diamond and Silk

Dear Father, Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson are live-stream video bloggers who are known as Diamond and Silk. They are conservative African American sisters from North Carolina who express their opinion about politics. They are fervent supporters of President Trump, making them the target of liberals, progressives, and Democrats in the media. The two sisters, who are the children of a husband and wife Christian evangelist team, made appearances with Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. They make regular appearances on several Fox News shows. They are in the news today because Facebook has admitted they stopped sharing their posts with their 1.3 million followers. Facebook claimed their content was “unsafe” for the Facebook community. Many people protested Facebook’s decision. Facebook responded with a statement that the pair is not being censored for their political views. This problem with Facebook came after Diamond and Silk accused YouTube of discrimination by demonetization of their video channel. Father, there is an alarming trend of censorship in America. A culture has been created where people are to be protected from hearing the beliefs of people who disagree with them. Anyone who dares to have an alternative perspective is considered a threat and a “hater”. Father, we have created a nation of weak minded people who are unable to handle rational and mature political and philosophical debate. I ask that You protect Your church in this environment. I ask that Your people will become the leaders in effective and respectful debate of the issues. May Your church set the example for being articulate, reasoned, knowledgeable, and gracious while discussing the issues. I ask that You will protect the beliefs and values of Your church as their enemies want the church to conform to the world or to be silenced. I ask that You meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial needs of Diamond and Silk. Protect them from injustice and harm. Work in their hearts and minds, making them continuously more and more like Christ. Give them wisdom and discretion, contributing to our national discussion words of inspiration and hope. I ask that at some point their message will move into a new direction – advocacy for the ministry of Your church. May the courage they show today to advocate for President Trump one day be put to the use of strengthening the church. Amen.

Michael Cohen

Dear Father, Michael D. Cohen is President Trump’s personal lawyer. His New York City office was raided by the F.B.I. yesterday morning. His business records, emails, and documents were seized. The authorities are allegedly searching for evidence Donald Trump paid pornographic film actress Stormy Daniels to be silent about their sexual encounter. President Trump responded with anger, calling the investigation a partisan “witch hunt” supported by liberals who seek to derail his agenda. Trump has accused Mueller’s team of being entirely partisan, staffed by Democrats and pro-Obama Republicans. Many believe this to be a chilling moment in our nation’s history when a citizen’s 6th Amendment right to private communications with legal counsel has been compromised. Trump is said to be furious with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for allowing this to happen. Trump is said to be considering the firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller who is leading the investigation. Many people on the left celebrate the number of people in Trump Administration who are under investigation. Conversely, people on the right accuse Robert Mueller of having far exceeded the original purpose and boundaries of his investigation. There has not been any evidence of collusion between the Trump Administration and Russia during the 2016 election. Many believe that any investigation into any other issue not directly related to the Russian election is unauthorized. Father, I do pray that You will protect truth and justice in this matter. Defend integrity. Defend Your ways and Your laws in this matter. Wherever their is an abuse of power, expose it and defeat it. If someone has been falsely accused, defend them. If an innocent victim has not received justice, defend them. I ask that You will come into Michael Cohen’s life in a life-changing way. Transform his heart and mind. May he experience the amazing love of God. Give him wisdom and understanding. May he have many reasons to thank You for how You care for him in this season of trouble. I ask that we will one day hear him speak of how You delivered him and changed his life during this F.B.I. investigation. Amen.

National Guard

Dear Father, the U.S. National Guard is comprised of men and women who serve in a reserve military force from each of the U.S. states and territories. Those who serve work part-time while maintaining their full-time civilian jobs. The governor of their state or territory can call them to extended full-time military service. In national emergencies, the President of the U.S. can ask the governors to activate their reserve troops on behalf of the federal government with the federal government compensating the states for the associated expenses. The National Guard is in the news today because President Trump has asked the states to send troops to the southern border to help the U.S. Border Patrol prevent illegal immigrants from crossing into the country. The Trump Administration has approved payment for the activation of 4,000 National Guard troops. Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico have pledged to contribute 1,600. California Governor Jerry Brown has not yet committed troops. Father, I ask that You keep safe each man and woman from the National Guard who will be serving at the border. Protect them from danger. Meet their needs, not only on the border but also back home with their families. I ask that You are sending believers to the border and that those individuals will have a vibrant ministry among the other troops. I ask that Your church will grow because of this political decision to defend the U.S. border. Father, I also ask that those foreigners who truly need to be in the U.S. for Your purposes will be welcomed into this country legally. Amen.

Kirstjen Michele Nielsen

Dear Father, Kirstjen Michele Nielsen is the current U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security. She previously served as Chief of Staff to John Kelly when he was the secretary. She has also served as the Principal Deputy White House Chief of Staff in the Trump Administration. She served in homeland security for the George W. Bush administration. It was in that role that she received criticism for not acting on warnings of the expected severity of Hurricane Katrina. It is believed her inaction was a critical reason the U.S. government did not respond appropriately to the hurricane. It has also been reported that her management style is brusque. Father, I know that You love her deeply. You created her. Draw her to Yourself. Transform her heart and mind. May she experience the amazing peace and joy that can come from a heart in fellowship with God. Make her into an amazing woman of God. Give her compassion and grace for those who report to her. Give her wisdom and understanding. Increase her knowledge and skill to the point where she becomes the most effective Secretary of Homeland Security thus far. Father, I know nothing about her family or personal life. However, You do. She has anxieties and insecurities, just like all of us. I ask that You will deliver her from them. May she have an inspiring testimony in the 2020s that leads others into a personal relationship with You. Amen.