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December 4, 2017
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December 6, 2017

Robert Mueller. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Robert Mueller Investigation

Dear Father, a politically charged investigation is underway under the leadership of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The Democrats and the left charge that President Trump conspired with the Russians to influence the 2016 presidential election, an election the Democrats were confident Hillary Clinton was going to win. Conservatives on the right believe Trump to be innocent of such charges and that the investigation is a part of a political agenda to derail Trump’s policy objectives. As I understand it, Robert Mueller’s team has not discovered any evidence of collusion by the Trump Campaign with Russia. However, Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos, both with ties to the Trump administration, have been charged with the relatively minor charges of lying to investigators. Paul Manafort was charged with a crime unrelated to the Trump campaign or administration. There has yet to be revealed any smoking gun of crimes committed by the executive branch. It appears that the Trump transition team may have begun communicating with foreign governments before he was sworn into office, an act that a representative of the Obama Administration is on video saying was permissible and is not without historical precedent. Trump’s firing of James Comey, the FBI Director, was within his legal rights to do since the FBI staff are employees of the executive branch of government. Regardless, there continues to be concern expressed by the political left that there may be obstruction of justice, deliberate attempts to hide the truth from the investigation. There are also concerns on the right as it has been revealed that the Mueller team has been comprised of pro-Hillary, anti-Trump investigators, whose bias and bitterness with the election results is fueling the investigation. Father, as a citizen of the US, I put all of this into Your hands. Sort out the details. May truth, integrity, and justice be victorious. May those who have done wrong be caught. May the penalty for their crimes be in proportion to the seriousness of their crimes; minor for minor, major for major. If this is a strictly partisan issue, ultimately about the implementation of public policy, I pray that the voters will in this “democracy” is ultimately victorious. Political parties and government bureaucracies are accountable to the citizens of our nation and those citizens are ultimately accountable to You. I pray that regardless of the outcome of this investigation that a political climate is created that allows Your church to be strengthened and empowered to change lives in every community in America. Amen.

Thomas Fire

Dear Father, a wildfire has burned 31,000 acres and forced 27,000 people to evacuate in Southern California. 150 homes and buildings have been destroyed so far. The city of of Ventura is in a crisis. Father, reports from the region indicate that the firefighters have not yet been able to contain the blaze. It is hoped that “Mother Nature” will step in and rescue the region. Father, please ignore the affront to You. There is no “Mother Nature”. There is only You, the real living God. You are capable of arresting and dousing the flames as only You can do. Father, spare lives. Save property. Protect firefighters. Put an end to this disaster. I pray for Your compassion, mercy, grace, and generosity on all who have lost property. May the victims of this disaster take a new look at their relationship with You and may they experience spiritual renewal and rebirth in 2018. Bless them with new homes and belongings in Your perfect timing. Amen.

US Embassy to Jerusalem

Dear Father, US President Donald Trump is reported to be considering moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem from the current location in Tel Aviv. Such a move would be a statement by the United States as to which people have rights to this most sacred of lands. The move would strengthen US/Israeli relations, an act that would please many of the evangelicals who voted for Trump. Proponents argue that the status quo has not led to a warming of relations between Israel and the Arab world. They say the Arab world is against Israel regardless of where the US Embassy is located. Opponents of the move are fearful that the move would ignite intense conflict in the region, create division in Western allies, and further alienate Arabs from the US. Father, I cannot begin to know what is the right course of action here. However, I know You know. I pray that You will move the Trump Administration to do what is the just and right thing to do. May they take the action that is in Your will. Father, I do ask for peace in the region. I ask that many Jews and Arabs in the region will discover for themselves the hope of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Atlanta Mayoral Election

Dear Father, give the residents of Atlanta, GA wisdom today as they choose a new mayor. Lead the public to vote for Mary Norwood, if she is the woman You desire in office, or Keisha Lance Bottoms, if she is the woman You desire in office. I pray that whichever woman wins today that Your church in the city will prosper in their administration. May outreach ministries in Atlanta experience a season of great effectiveness as the next female mayor of Atlanta becomes a friend of the church and ministry. May both women, the winner and the loser of this election, discover a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with You in 2018. Provide for them and protect them both. Amen.

Ryan Shazier

Dear Father, I pray today for Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier. He was seriously injured in last night’s Monday Night Football game. I understand his back was injured and he was unable to move his legs on the field. Father, I ask for full recovery for him. I ask for medical miracles. I ask that You calm his thoughts and give him comfort from you. May Your people in the Pittsburgh area embrace him with their love and support. May his family experience your compassion and mercy in life-changing ways. I ask that Ryan will have a testimony that will inspire many people in years to come. May in rest well this day. Amen.