Tuesday January 16, 2018

Monday January 15, 2018
January 15, 2018
Wednesday January 17, 2018
January 17, 2018

Turpin Family

Dear Father, it has been reported that 13 children, ranging in age from 2 to 29, have been rescued from a home in Pervis, CA. The children were found chained to their beds and starving for food. Their parents, David Allen Turpin and Louise Anna Turpin, have been charged with torture and child endangerment. The family is believed to have been in significant debt. Father, I thank You that a 17-year-old girl was able to escape from the home and contact police who subsequently rescued her other siblings. I presume these children have experienced significant trauma that has damaged their emotions, identities, characters, beliefs, and value systems. It is likely their perception of God has been significantly impacted by this horrific experience. Father, I ask for the abundance of Your mercy on these children. Heal them from the physical abuse that has been done to them. Strengthen their bodies. I ask that You will also heal them emotionally and spiritually. Perform miracles and turn these children into outstanding citizens who seek to honor You and serve others in need. Father, write miraculous and inspiring testimonies of healing into each of their lives. Give each of these children the resources, counseling, and mentoring they need to recover. May local churches embrace this family and may the love of God explode into their lives. Amen.

Ryan Joseph

Dear Father, 16-year-old Ryan Joseph, a sophomore at College Park High School in Plesant Hill, CA, was seriously injured in a high school wrestling match. Apparently he is paralyzed from his neck on down and he is not able to breathe on his own. Father, enter into his hospital room and make Your presence known. Perform medical and spiritual miracles. May all who come to Ryan’s bedside be touched today by Your love. May his hospital room be filled with peace, hope, and joy. Father, You can restore Ryan’s health. We ask that he will be able to breathe on his own again. We ask that he will be able to move his limbs again. Yes, we ask that he can even walk again. We ask that he will have the ability to communicate to others how he experienced Your amazing love during this darkest hour of his life. We pray for his family and loved ones. Comfort them. May they turn to You. May their be a spiritual revival among those who cry for Ryan today. May Your church serve this family in crisis and may the love of God be amazing. Father, help the doctors and nurses to make all the right moves and that their care will lead to his recovery. Father, give Ryan and his loved ones the strength to persevere through his rehab. Amen.

Legal Battle at University of Iowa

Dear Father, a student organization called Business Leaders for Christ is suing the University of Iowa for violations of their First Amendment rights to express their faith without facing religious discrimination. The organization has invited anyone in the university community to join. However, they require the officers of the organization to sign a statement of faith that affirms the officer’s belief that God intended marriage to be between a man and a woman and that individuals are to embrace the gender of their birth. A gay student named Marcus Miller expressed his desire to become an officer of Business Leaders for Christ. He was denied on the grounds that he could not sign the statement of faith with integrity. He complained to the university that his sexual orientation was being discriminated against. The university disciplined the organization by denying them the use of school facilities, access to student activty fee funding, and participation in school events. Father, there is information that is lacking in the reports. Was this a deliberate attempt to compromise the integrity of a faith-based ministry? Are there dynamics of interpersonal relationships that have factored in this dispute? Father, here is what I ask this morning. Protect the rights of Your church across America to worship without being forced to compromise their beliefs. Protect the rights of ministries to exclusively select leaders who are committed to the beliefs and values of the ministries. Forgive Your church wherever we prioritize legalism over the demonstration of the love of God. It is the latter than will change hearts and minds. Lead Marcus Miller to do what we all must do – ask for forgiveness of our rebellion and to surrender our lives to Christ. Empower him with a testimony about his encounter with the transforming grace of God. End this dispute in such a way that You are honored and ministries on the campus of the University of Iowa are blessed. May the members of the Business Leaders for Christ grow in their faith through this difficult time. Amen.

Dolores O’Riordan

Dear Father, one of my favorite songs is Linger by the Irish band The Cranberries. It has been reported that the woman who wrote and sung that song, Dolores O’Riordan, has been found dead in a hotel in London. She recently returned to the United Kingdom from the United States in order to record more music. She had a history of battling depression, eating disorders, alcoholism, and bi-polar disorder. Her emotional pain was said to be rooted in abuse she experienced as a child. Father, please attend to her friends and family who grieve her loss. Comfort them. Use her passing to draw them closer to You. Father, there are other men and women out there who are traumatized by childhood abuse. I ask that You rescue them. Free them from the burdens of their past. Give them new life, peace, and joy through their relationships with You. May we all be blessed by their testimonies, knowing that You do rescue people from even the most abusive childhoods imaginable. Thank You for inspiring Dolores to write and sing such a beautiful song. Amen.

Chirajara Bridge

Dear Father, ten workers were killed and others injured when a 840ft high bridge under construction collapsed into a canyon in Columbia. The $ 2.5 billion bridge 60 miles from Bogota was part of a new highway connecting Bogota with Villavicencio. Most of the workers at the site of the 1,338ft long bridge were at lunch. However, 20 were on the bridge when it fell into the heavily forested canyon below. Father, I ask that You have mercy today on the grieving friends and family of those who lost their lives. Comfort them. Help them with the details of funerals. Draw them into a closer relationship with You because of this experience. Father, help all of the injured in this disaster. Help them to receive the appropriate medical treatment. Restore them to health. May Your church in Columbia minister to the families of the injured and the lost. Write testimonies in the lives of all who were directly impacted by this bridge collapse. Reveal the cause of the collapse so that bridge builders across the world can build safer bridges. Father, be present in every home that was devastated by this disaster. Amen.