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January 29, 2018
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January 31, 2018

Killings in Wayne County Missouri

Dear Father, it has been reported that the bodies of Samara Fontaine Kitts, 23, Harley Michael Million, 24, and 17-month-old Willa Fontaine Million were found on Monday in Missouri. Drew Atchinson, 24, has allegedly confessed to the murder of the family. Atchinson killed the couple last Thursday, locked their toddler in a room for a night, and then took the toddler, along with the bodies of her parents, into a woods where the toddler was shot and killed. Father, this is evil. It is appalling. It was per-meditated. Father, I ask for justice for the family that was killed. I ask for justice for their loved ones. I ask that You will surround those who mourn with Your mercy, grace, compassion, and kindness. Walk with them through their grief. Lead those who mourn into a personal relationship with You. Father, I also pray for Drew. I don’t know why he did what he did. However, I pray that he has remorse. I pray remorse will lead to confession. I pray confession will lead him to seek forgiveness from You through Jesus Christ. I pray that forgiveness will lead to repentance. I pray that repentance will lead to transformation. May this man become an example of the power of God to change anyone. Amen.

Georgia Man Confesses to Killing

Dear Father, Joshua Richards, 21, the son of a Georgia police chief, has confessed to the beating death of his three-year-old stepson who died on Sunday. The beating occurred while the boy’s mother, two months pregnant with the defendant’s child, slept in a nearby room. Attempts by surgeons to relieve the swelling in the child’s brain were not able to save the child’s life. There is video of Joshua weeping as he stood before the judge. The tears suggest a man who is already dealing with remorse for the pain he has caused his wife and all who loved the child. He may be dealing with his own grief at the loss of child. Father, I pray for Your blessings on the grieving mother. Surround her with love. Meet her every need. Walk with her through this pain and suffering. I pray that she will come out of this horror a woman all the more convinced of Your goodness and love. Comfort each person who mourns the loss of the child. May Your church in the area show Your love to this family. As for Joshua, I pray that You will lead him from remorse to confession to repentance to spiritual transformation. May he become an example of the power of God to change anyone. Amen.

State of the Union Address

Dear Father, Article II, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution requires the President of the United States to inform Congress about the state of the union (nation). Presidents use this opportunity to speak of their achievements during the previous year and to describe their plans for the coming year. Tonight is President Trump’s State of the Union speech. It has been entitled “Building a Safe, Strong, and Proud America.” Father, I’ll be honest. I believe Your number one concern is for the state of the church in America. How have we grown spiritually in the past year? How will we grow spiritually in the coming year? What did we do in 2017 to touch the lives of our neighbors in need? What will we be doing in 2018 to reach out to the hurting in our communities? Father, I ask that 2018 will be a great year for the church in America. Jesus Christ is the head of the church. I pray that everything He wants to accomplish this year in His church will be accomplished. Give Him everything He needs to transform individuals, families, groups, ministries, churches, and communities. As for Donald Trump’s speech, keep our president and all who attend the speech safe. I pray that You will use the speech to advance Your purposes. Yes, I want America to be blessed with peace and prosperity. However, the truth is that no politician or government body can promise and deliver peace and prosperity. Those two blessings come exclusively from a nation that turns their hearts back to You. Father, our problem in America is spiritual and only a spiritual solution will truly give us the peace and prosperity we long for. Your church is the hope for the future of America. Transform Your church. Wake it up. Empower it. May it touch lives in every city and state in America. May their be a spiritual revivial in this nation that shocks the world. Amen.