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January 8, 2018
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January 10, 2018

Billy Earl Dade Middle School, Dallas, TX

Dear Father, I thank You today for the wonderful news out of Dallas, TX. Officials at the Billy Earl Dade Middle School in Dallas, TX, where 90% of the children come from low-income families, discovered that 50 students would not have a father to bring to a school sponsored ‘Breakfast With Dads’ event that was held last month. Kristina Chäadé Dove, a child advocate, sent out a request for 50 men to volunteer to be a father for each of these children. Over 600 men responded to the invitation. Father, our nation has millions of fatherless children. Many men impregnant their girlfriends and then run away from their responsibility to be a dad to the child. Without the influence of a strong father figure, children grow up feeling unloved, confused, insecure, and unprepared for life. They make poor choices that hurt themselves and others. In the midst of this national crisis, we enjoy a story of over 600 men volunteering to be a strong father figure for a young child. Thank you! Father, I pray for the men who offered to help. Bless each of them today. Draw them closer to You. Meet their needs. Answer their prayers. Continue to give them opportunities to be a father figure to children in need. May their influence change the direction of children’s lives, giving the children hope and opportunity for a better future. I pray for Your blessing on Kristina Chäadé Dove and all who arranged this event. Meet their needs today. I pray Your blessings on Billy Earl Dade Middle School. Keep the children safe. Give the children a good education. May the teachers and staff be examples of good character for the children to witness. Father, call more men around this country to volunteer to be a godly father-figure to fatherless children. Amen.

Jeff Flake

Dear Father, Jeff Flake is currently the Republican junior United States Senator from Arizona, serving alongside John McCain. He has served in Congress since 2000. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he has served in overseas missions. He has also spent several weeks in his life as a survivalist in desolate locations. He has a wife Cheryl and five children. Jeff was at the softball practice in June 2017 when a gunmen injured Representative Steve Scalise. Generally speaking, his voting record on issues has been conservative. However, Jeff has become a fervant critic of the policies and the character of President Donald Trump, presenting his case against Trump in his book Conscious of a Conservative. Jeff’s views have alienated him from both Trump and Trump’s supporters. While his book may be a delight to anti-Trump liberals, those same liberals are turned off by Flake’s voting record. As a result, Flake has found himself significantly behind his challenger for the US Senate seat in the 2018 election. He announced in October 2017 that he will not seek another term in the Senate. He will serve in the Senate until January of 2019 when his successor takes over. Father, I ask for Your blessings on Jeff and his family. May all of them be drawn into a close relationship with You. Transform their hearts and minds. Give them all direction and purpose. Provide for them and protect them. Give Jeff a new mission and purpose in life. May whatever he does advance the growth and impact of your church. May Jeff’s testimony in the 2020s lead many to place their faith in You. Amen.

Rahm Emanuel

Dear Father, Rahm is the 44th and current mayor of Chicago. He became active in Democratic Party politics early in his career. His work on Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign led to his employment on the staff of the Clinton Administration. Emanuel was elected into the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002 and served in Congress until 2009 when he became the White House chief of staff in the Obama Administration. He resigned from the White House to serve as the mayor of Chicago since 2012. His administration has experienced various scandals which led to poor voter approval ratings. His ratings have improved enough for him to consider running for a third term in 2019. Rahm and his wife Amy have three children. They are active in the Jewish faith at their local synagogue. Rahm has flown his family around the world to give them the experience of many cultures. He is also a dedicated triathlete. Father, I ask for You to speak into Rahm’s heart. Lead him into a personal relationship with You. Transform his heart and mind. May his number one passion in the 2020s and beyond become the advancement of your church. I ask for You to provide for Rahm and his loved ones. Protect them. I also ask that You guide him and give him wisdom for his role as mayor. Give him the longing to be a mayor of good character, just, honest, and compassionate to people in need. Amen.

Rod Blagojevich

Dear Father, Rod Blagojevich is the former governor of Illinois. He served in that office from 2003 until 2009 when he was impeached and removed from office. He was convicted of political corruption and he is now serving a 14 year sentence at a federal prison in Colorado. He was convicted of attempting to sell the US Senate seat vacated by Barrack Obama when Obama became President of the United States. As the governor at the time, Rod had the authority to appoint someone to fill the vacant seat until the next election cycle. He decided to make some money from the process. Father, I ask that You work in his heart as he serves in prison. Lead him to faith in You. Bring along his path men and women whose walk with You is exemplary. Transform his heart and mind. May Rod leave the prison in 2024 with a new purpose in life – advancing Your church and serving people in need in Your name. I ask for Your blessings on his wife, Patricia Mell, and their two daughters Amy and Anne. May all three of those women come to faith in Christ. Amen.