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March 21, 2018

Michael Moore

Dear Father, Michael Moore is an author and activist. The award-winning documentary filmmaker came to fame because of films he made about the Columbine High School massacre, George W. Bush’s War on Terror, the U.S. health care system, and the need for Americans to vote in presidential elections. Time Magazine has named Moore one of the world’s 100 most influential people. Moore, a liberal progressive, is said to have joined the National Rifle Association with the hope of becoming president so he could dismantle the organization. He is in the news today because of a discussion he had with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders about a teacher’s strike in West Virginia. The three were lamenting the lack of press coverage of the successful strike. Moore blasted the media’s obsession with Trump’s character and Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election. Father, I ask You to look at Michael Moore today. You created him. You desire to have a personal relationship with him. You desire that he give his life to You so that You can fully bless him spiritually. You would love his talents to be used to advance Your church. Therefore, I ask that You work in his life. Bring him to faith in Jesus Christ. Lead him to Your truth. Transform his heart and mind. May he begin producing films in the 2020s that help Your church be more effective in America. Father, meet whatever needs he has today. May he experience Your amazing compassion, grace, mercy, kindness, and generosity and may Michael know it is You being so good to him. Amen.

Teen Suicide

Dear Father, the Center for Disease Control has reported that teen suicide is up 70% in the U.S. in the last decade. Admissions of teens into mental health units for suicidal ideation has doubled. The experts blame the breakdown of the family, unrest in our society, teen drug and alcohol addiction, poverty, social media bullying, and a lack of affordable professional resources for troubled teens. Father, we can add to that list an American culture that mocks godly living, denying teens awareness of Your commands that would give them hope and keep them out of trouble. Father, I ask that You will save at least one teen this very day from committing suicide. There is a teen somewhere in America this very moment who has planned their suicide with the intent to carry it out this very day or sometime this week. Father, save them! Rescue them! Intervene! Bring the love of God into their life this very hour. May they experience how much You love them. May they pause and rethink their plans. May they have a new wave of hope. May they have a desire to explore what faith in You is all about. Father, turn that person into a man or woman of great faith. May their lives end up touching many people. May their testimony of how You rescued them from suicide save many people in the future. Father, awaken Your church. May churches across America intensify their effort to prevent teen suicides and may thousands of young people be saved. Amen.

Harrison Ford

Dear Father, Harrison Ford, 75, has gained worldwide fame as an actor and film producer. He has been the star of blockbuster films for over six decades. His resume includes Star Wars films, Blade Runner, Witness, the Indiana Jones film series, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, American Graffiti, and Apocalypse Now. His films have grossed over $ 6 billion worldwide. Harrison, the father of five children who is married to his third wife, Calista Flockhart, is in the news because Steven Spielberg has announced the production of the fifth movie in the Indiana Jones franchise. The movie is targeted for release in July 2020 when Harrison will be 77 years old. Father, I will confess – I enjoy Harrison Ford’s work. I have enjoyed his movies through the years. I would love for him to become a believer in Jesus Christ. You can do all things and You can lead this wealthy and powerful man to a spiritual encounter with You that leads to his spiritual transformation. Father, I am asking You to lead this man into faith so that he can enjoy serving and relating with You for eternity. In the meantime, meet his private needs that he most certainly must have. He must have insecurities, anxieties, and weaknesses because he is human. Speak into those very things and deliver him and may he know without question that it was You who was so kind. Amen.

Uber Fatality

Dear Father, companies like General Motors, Alphabet, Baidu, and Uber are racing to mass market autonomous vehicles. Tests of the driverless cars are taking place in Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Toronto, and Phoenix. This initiative is in the news today because pedestrian Elaine Herzberg, 49, was struck and killed by one of these cars in Arizona, even though a human safety official was in the car to prevent such a tragedy. Father, I ask for You to be gracious, compassionate, and kind today to Elaine’s friends and family. Walk with them through their grief. May they feel Your presence and Your love in great abundance. I pray that through her passing a life will be transformed by the Your love. May somebody who knew her become devoted to You because of her tragic death. Father, I ask for Your mercy on the individual who was in the car that struck Elaine. May this experience lead him or her into a deeper relationship with You. Give them grace today, especially if they struggle with guilt. Amen.

Mississippi Abortion

Dear Father, the Mississippi legislator has passed a House bill 1510 banning most abortions after 15 weeks of gestation. As expected, legal representatives for the state’s only abortion clinic have filed suit. The clinic is said to have conducted 78 abortions in 2017 in a state that had over 2,500 during the same year. Abortion opponents were hoping for the lawsuit so that the case could eventually go to the U.S. Supreme Court where they believe the conservative leaning court will rule in their favor. Father, what struck me the most about this news was that the abortion clinic announced that a woman is expected to have an abortion this very day. Father, I ask that You save this child today. Change the mother’s heart. Give her courage and hope. Surround her with help, especially from Your church. May Your people walk with her not only through her pregnancy but also through the difficult first few years of the child’s life. Get her connected with a church that will help her raise her child through their school years. If necessary, deliver this baby into the loving arms of an infertile couple who hunger to love and care for a baby and to raise the baby thankfully for Your provision. Father, I ask that the child in this woman’s womb today will one day make a difference in this world, touching lives and saving people from despair. Amen.

State Partitioning

Dear Father, the America public is divided. Liberals and conservatives are battling to influence our policies, values, and culture. In recent presidential elections, it has become clear that liberals control urban centers while conservatives control every other region. In the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump won approximately 2,600 U.S. counties while Hillary Clinton won only 500, a victory by 84% to 16%. However, Hillary won 88 of the 100 most populous urban counties, enabling her to “win” the popular vote across the nation. Trump won the election because the framers of the U.S. Constitution created the electoral college to prevent urban centers from dominating politics. Father, not only is our nation divided but so are many of our states. California is the most populated state in the nation. It is a liberal and progressive force on American politics because of the dominance of the metropolitan regions of San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, and Sacramento. Outside of these cities, Californians are not liberal. This political reality is frustrating to both liberals and conservatives in the state. Therefore, there is a growing call for the state to be partitioned into multiple states. The region along the Pacific coast, home to many of these cities, would remain California, a very liberal urban state. The rest of California would become “New California”, a conservative leaning less populated state similar to states like Georgia or Alabama. There is talk of similar partitioning in Oregon, Washington, Illinois, and New York as the liberal urban regions of Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and New York City, respectively, dominate the conservative counties in the rest of these states. Father, there is precedence for such partitioning. Vermont split from New York in 1791. Maine split from Massachusetts in 1820. West Virginia split from Virginia in 1863. Many blame the 1964 Supreme Court decision in Reynolds versus Sims where the court required political districts in state legislatures to be similar in population size. This meant that rural counties were often embedded into urban counties, denying rural citizens representation by like-minded politicians. Father, I ask that Your will be done with respect to state partitioning. Only You know what is good and bad for each state. Only You know what is good for America. If You believe the partitioning of these states is right, I ask that You will strengthen the movements. Give them the power, influence, resources, and progress they need that leads to the partitioning of these states. If it is not in Your will, stop the progress of this movement. Deny them the resources they need. I do ask that whatever You decide in this issue advances the influence of Your church and contributes to a spiritual revival in America. Amen.

Vietnam Baby

Dear Father, a video has been shared today on the Internet of drivers in Quang Ninh, Vietnam encountering a baby crawling across the road. The traffic was stopped and a female Good Samaritan picked up the child and carried it to safety. Father, I ask that You will rescue that baby spiritually and emotionally. Lead the baby into a personal relationship with You. Transform their heart and mind at a very early age. May the family they grow up in be a godly family committed to Your ways. May that child one day lead many others to faith in Jesus Christ. Give that child everything it needs. Protect the child. Watch over the child. May that child’s rescue have purpose and meaning in the work Your church is doing in Vietnam. Amen.

Lawrence, MA

Dear Father, President Donald Trump gave a speech yesterday in Manchester, NH to announce his fight against opiod addiction in America. A major policy initiative he promoted was to make drug selling a capital offense. In other words, if you sell drugs, you may be executed if caught. During his speech, he blamed New Hampshire’s drug crisis on drugs coming from Lawrence, MA. Lawrence is a city in northeastern Massachusetts that is populated by immigrants, many who are illegal or undocumented. Therefore, Trump’s statement was perceived by many as an attack on the character of immigrants. Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera took exception to Trump’s comments, challenging Trump to visit the city and see the faces of the good people of the city. The mayor believes the people are worthy of compassion as they seek to better their lives for themselves and for their families. Father, I work with teens from Lawrence MA in the juvenile detention ministry that I volunteer with. Many of these teens are immigrants, some are illegal immigrants. While I sympathize with Trump’s expressed desire to get drugs out of the hands of our innocent children, I also see the young men accused of dealing drugs from a different perspective. They are lost kids who need the love and compassion of the church. Father, no government program can rescue kids from drugs like the work of Your church. Only Your church can bring the hope and transforming power of Christ into a dealer’s life, changing him or her completely. Father, I ask that You will awaken Your church and may our churches be committed to showing the love of Christ to drug users and dealers. May that effort successfully reduce the drug problem we face in this nation. Father, I pray for Your grace today on Mayor Dan Rivera. Lead him into a personal relationship with You if he doesn’t already have one. Meet whatever needs he has today. Give him wisdom as he governs the city of Lawrence, MA. Amen.