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March 7, 2018

Antibiotic Drug Resistance

Dear Father, we don’t need you. We humans are intelligent, creative, and tenacious geniuses that can solve any problem without You. Look at our incredible technology and how far we’ve come in 100 years. Imagine where we will be 20 years from now. The moment we gorge ourselves on a feast of human pride superbugs come along that are resistant to antibiotics. It turns out, in our human “wisdom”, we have overprescribed antibiotics to the point that bacterium now laugh them off as they flex their muscles in the gym. Antibiotic resistance is a growing public health crisis in America. Last year, antibiotic-resistant infections killed 23,000 people who were already weakened by other health problems. According to an Emory University study, Colistin, considered the last resort to fight infections, is showing signs of weakness against certain bacterial colonies. Colistin has declined in use over the last few decades because of risks to the kidneys. However, this rising drug resistance problem has forced Colistin to return. Father, we need to get down on our knees and acknowledge that You are God and we are not. We do not control all things. We have limitations. We have weaknesses. We lack access to all resources. We don’t know all things. There is a “God-factor” – things we simply cannot control and require Your intervention on our behalf. Father, forgive us for our rebellion from You. Spark a spiritual revival in this country. I ask today that You will have mercy on us and that You will give us a solution for antibiotic drug resistance. Give researchers a breakthrough. Show us where to look. Show us what to test. May solutions appear in our microscopes thanks to Your intervention. Father, I ask for a new generation of antibiotics that kill superbugs effectively. In the meantime, I ask You to intervene and bring miraculous recovery to anyone who cries out to You who is battling a superbug without effective antibiotics and a strong immune system. Amen.

Sam Nunberg

Dear Father, Sam Nunberg is a former Trump aide who has spoken out against special council Robert Mueller. He is in the news because of comments he has made during recent interviews with liberal news organizations. Many have criticized the media for taking advantage of a man who was not in the right frame of mind, possibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The media were digging for evidence of Trump misbehavior and were prompting Mr. Nunberg to speak carelessly so that a key “gotcha, Trump” piece of information would slip from his tongue. Sam made accusations about people’s character and intelligence and insulted a female Trump administration staff member’s appearance. Critics believe Sam should have been taped with appropriate editing instead of putting him in front of a live camera. The incident fuels the position of many who doubt the integrity of news organizations like MSNBC and CNN. Father, I ask that You have mercy on Sam Nunberg. Bring him into a personal relationship with You. Transform his heart and mind. Give him an incredible peace and joy from knowing You. I ask that You will meet his needs and that he will give You credit for Your kindness and generosity to him. Father, I ask that You will place journalists of integrity and good character into the media. May they have courage to report news without bias or an agenda. Father, raise up a generation of godly journalists who can restore America’s trust in our national media. Amen.

Yellow Fever in Brazil

Dear Father, health care workers are going door to door in São Paulo, Brazil to warn residents to get vaccinated to fight yellow fever. 237 people have died in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro from the disease spread by mosquitos that breed in drinking water barrels and puddles of water. Yellow fever is killing an estimated 3 to 8% of people who are infected. Monkeys have been killed by panicked residents who believe the animals, coming out of the forests, were hosts for the mosquitos. The Pan American Health Organization is concerned that the winter season last year did not slow the epidemic as expected. It has been reported that there are 26% more cases this year. Authorities are racing to inoculate 95% of the population in 77 cities and towns. Foreign travelers are warned to be vaccinated before visiting Brazil. Many people, influenced by social media, are declining the vaccine out of fear of the vaccine itself. The statistics make a strong case that Brazilians are at far greater risk rejecting the vaccine than to have it. Senior citizens, those with compromised immune systems, pregnant women, and newborns are at a greater risk with the vaccine than the general population. Father, I ask for Your mercy on the citizens of Brazil. I ask for a spiritual movement that leads many into a personal relationship with You. I pray for the growth in the size and impact of Your church in the country. I ask that Your church will demonstrate incredible love to victims of yellow fever and their loved ones. I ask that Your church will play a key role in helping Brazilians to receive the vaccine. Give the health care organizations success in their efforts to rid the country of the disease. Father, stop yellow fever this year in Brazil. May thousands thank You for deliverance. Amen.

Rape Kit Backlogs

Dear Father, it has been reported that someone is sexually assaulted every two minutes in the U.S. Women are advised to go to emergency rooms where DNA evidence left behind by the attacker can be gathered. The women are photographed, swabbed, and exhaustively examined from head to toe, inside and out. This procedure is known as the “rape kit”. The evidence is supposed to be submitted to the appropriate authorities to identify and prospecute those responsible for the crimes. However, as it turns out, thousands of rape kits through the years have never been processed. Many women never received the justice they deserved because states, cities, and municipalities have diverse rules for the submission of rape kits as evidence. In many jurisdictions, the woman has to make a convincing case of a rape before the evidence will be submitted. This crisis is called “the rape kit backlog”. Many government bodies across America are now doing something about this. Many of the rape kits are now being processed. However, this raises another question – do rape victims really want to revisit a nightmare from decades before that they may have put behind them? Father, I ask that You get involved in this issue. I pray that every woman who is raped will be properly examined, with her dignity and comfort always the highest priority. I ask that the evidence will be properly processed. I ask that the justice system will not exercise bias, either for or against the woman. I pray that those who commit rapes will be properly prosecuted because of the confirming evidence of the rape kits. Father, I pray that those who have committed rapes but have never been prosecuted will be caught by the efforts of governments to process rape kits that have been put away in storage. I also pray for wisdom and compassion for government authorities as they approach women years, if not decades, after the women were raped. May the authorities be gentle and may the rights of the women to decide whether or not they desire to pursue criminal cases against their attackers always be respected. Father, I ask for Your grace today on any woman who was raped but whose attacker was never brought to justice. Surround them even this hour with evidence of Your love, compassion, mercy, and grace. Amen.