Tuesday November 14, 2017

Monday November 13, 2017
November 13, 2017
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November 15, 2017

St. Louis Medium Security Institution

Dear Father, there are reports that inmates of the St. Louis Medium Security Institution are suing over inhumane conditions. The lawsuits claim that the facility is not properly ventilated, that it has unsanitary conditions, and inadequate medical care. The authorities deny the charges, stating the 551 prisoners are treated humanely. Father, You certainly know the truth. Your Word calls Your people to care for prisoners. Your Word makes no attempt to qualify which prisoners should be treated well. You do not suggest that someone who steals a piece of bread should be treated better than someone who commits murder. Your Word challenges us to treat all prisoners humanely, without asking what crime they have committed. Father, I ask that prisoners across the country will be treated humanely. Give them a place to sleep without fear of violence or infestation by pests. Give them nourishing food to eat and fresh water to drink. Give them access to clean and functional bathrooms. Give them the medical care they need. Give them full access to quality education. Give them the mentoring or counseling they need to heal emotionally. Give them connections with faith-based prison ministries so they can develop healthy relationships with You. Father, Your Word commands us to love prisoners. Logic also screams that compassion is more likely to transform an inmate’s heart than cruelty or indifference. Father, I pray that You will hear and respond to the cries this day of any inmates who are seeking relief from inhumane conditions in prisons across the country. Amen.

Military Recruiting

Dear Father, it has been reported that the military, faced with a shortage of recruits, has lowered their standards for military recruitment. The military is now willing to accept those who have used marijuana, those who have lower aptitude tests, and those who have been treated for a mental illness. Father, this is such a delicate line. On the one hand, compassion requires that we give people a second chance. Compassion requires that we welcome people into normal society who have worked hard to overcome the challenges they face. On the other hand, our nation depends upon a military that has the character, mental stamina, emotional health, and physical strength to defend us. We need our soldiers at their best. Our culture cannot have veterans returning to society with untreated mental health issues and skills in handling lethal weapons. Recent events in Texas make that abundantly clear. Father, I ask for You to raise up emotionally healthy and intelligent men and women of outstanding character and lead them into military service. May the military recruit thousands of godly people who will have a dynamic impact upon their fellow soldiers. Amen.

Tomorrow’s Teen Celebrity

Dear Father, there are young people who live today in obscurity but who will be celebrities tomorrow. There are girls out there who will become the next Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, or Lady Gaga. There are boys out there who will become the next Justin Beiber, Drake, or Justin Timberlake. Father, teen celebrity is a recipe for dysfunction. Many child stars have ended up with serious emotional and mental health struggles, including drug and alcohol addiction. We crave fame and fortune but then we discover we can’t handle it. Father, I pray that Your Spirit will roam this very hour through the music, television, and film industries. Find a few celebrities. Transform their hearts and minds. Turn them into believers in Jesus Christ. Give them godly characters. Make them a refreshing testimony of the power of Your love. May the young people who are on the path towards stardom be grounded this very day. Give them today the character and the wisdom they will need to steer clear of all that is evil about fame and fortune. May their successful television shows, films, or music inspire young people to live more godly lives. Amen.