Tuesday November 21, 2017

Monday November 20, 2017
November 20, 2017
Wednesday November 22, 2017
November 22, 2017

Foundations and Charities

Dear Father, millions of foundations and charities have been created. Compassionate and generous hearts have created many of these organizations to bring relief to people in need. Many deliver much needed services to people who suffer that mirror the kindness of the Good Samaritan. Many raise funds for the research required to eliminate diseases or to improve medical treatments. Many organizations are setup to fight injustice, an effort that certainly is in alignment with Your Word. Of course, many organizations have been created to bring the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the spiritually lost across the globe. Father, I ask for Your blessings on all organizations that are passionate, dedicated, and committed to relieving the suffering of others. May such organizations be Your hands and feet, as You act on behalf of people in crisis. However, there are some organizations that have been setup deceitfully. Their true mission is something other than the mission they talk about when they speak with potential donors. They have hidden agendas. Many innocent donors have been duped into giving money to nefarious causes. Father, I ask today that you expose the fraud in every charitable organization where the directors have no heart for the people they claim to care about. Father, protect the innocent donor. Protect the kind-hearted volunteer. Protect the people who turn to organizations for help in their time of need. Father, give direction and provision today to those organizations whose leaders truly want to end human suffering. Amen.


Dear Father, journalism should be an honorable and respectable profession. In theory, the journalist builds a large network of contacts who are subject matter experts. Their network includes people who have connections with influencers and centers of power in our society. The journalist is motivated by the desire to keep the public informed. Their desire is to empower each citizen with facts so that each citizen can make an informed decision to protect and advance their personal interests. The journalist is the hero by rushing news and statistics to a gathering of readers who will then decide on their own or as a group how to interpret and respond to the reports. Ideally, the journalist is a reporter and not a preacher or teacher. The moment a journalist becomes an advocate, a preacher or a teacher, they stop being a journalist. They become a part of the story. Father, I ask You to raise up an army of honorable and respectable journalists who are dedicated to the achievement of excellence in research and reporting. May they leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of information. May they report the information accurately, completely, and fairly, without bias or discrimination. May they give deference to the citizen to interpet and analyze the information and to act upon it. Father, this is merely an ideal. Unfortunately, many journalists in our society do what they do because they have an agenda. They are preachers and teachers in reporter’s clothing. They seek to change the world not by reporting the news but by making news themselves. In many cases, journalists literally create false news that advances their ideologies. Father, I pray that You protect the godly reader from the hidden agendas of journalists. I pray You will protect naiive readers who aren’t aware of how journalists can manipulate the truth. Father, restore the honor and respectability of journalism. Call up a new generation of reporters who are passionate about research and reporting facts. For those would-be journalists who want to change the world, lead them instead to become preachers, teachers, entrepreneurs, or politicians. Lead them to startup a charity or a foundation. Lead them to start a movement. Lead them to write articles and books, not as journalists but as advocates for a cause. Father, I ask Your blessings on honorable journalists throughout our nation. Strengthen their resolve to do their job with excellence and without bias and advocacy. Meet their needs, whatever they may be. Amen.

Vera International Explosion

Dear Father, a series of explosions yesterday morning at a New York City cosmetics factory has led to a person’s death. Twenty-six employees of the business as well as seven firefighters were also injured. Father, I pray for Your mercy and compassion on the injured. Father, restore them to health. Give their bodies strength this hour. Give them rest and ease their pain. I pray for all who grieve the loss of the person who died. May they experience Your amazing love this week. Walk them through this very difficult time. Give them reasons to thank You in the months and years to come as they reflect on Your goodness to them this very week. Father, I pray the investigators will be able to uncover the cause of the blast and that, as a result, employees at similar plants around the country will be made safer. Amen.

Argentina Submarine

Dear Father, 44 crew members of an Argentinian submarine are missing several hundred miles off the coast of the country. They have been missing since last Wednesday when they reported a battery failure. It has been reported that their oxygen supply is near depletion. Father, if there is any sailor still alive, please rescue them. Please lead the authorities even today to the stricken submarine. May those in the submarine who continue to breath be retrieved and taken to the hsopital. May their lives be spared. Father, I can’t imagine being entombed alive in a submarine. Talk about claustrophobia! Talk about fear and anxiety! Father, You are there. You are present. Please do miraculous things inside that sub even this minute that gives people hope. Father, be gracious and meet with sailors who are still alive but who soon will lose their life. May they have an encounter with You before they die. May they come to faith in You. May their rebellion from You be forgiven and may they soon be welcomed into Your Kingdom. Father, I pray You will engineer all kinds of compassion, mercy, and kindness for the relatives of the sailors. May Your church be at the center of such acts of compassion. May their be stories shared in the years to come how Your love shined through this tragedy. Amen.