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October 16, 2017
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October 18, 2017

Sebastian Kurz

Sebastian Kurz

Dear Father, it has been reported today that Sebastian Kurz will soon be the chancellor of Austria. He is the Foreign Minister of Austria and the head of the Austrian People’s Party. The party just finished first in parliamentary elections this past weekend.  He is only 31 years old.  Father, You have called many young people to national leadership throughout history.  Josiah came to power at the age of 8.  He turned the hearts of many of the people back to You.  Father, I ask that You give Sebastian wisdom beyond his years.  Give him a godly character.  I pray that Your church will somehow grow because of his authority and influence in the land.  Use him to spiritually revive the hearts of many Austrians. Amen.

Death Threats

Dear Father, I have read about a public personality who has received death threats because of their political beliefs or affiliations.  It has forced this person to move.  This isn’t right.  Father, it strikes me that those who threaten to kill people for their beliefs are frightened.  It is fear which gives them the heart to kill those who disagree with them.  Father, I pray that each person who has submitted a death threat to this person will have the courage to look in the mirror and see their fear.  May they realize they have work to do with You.  May they see that You are in control.  You can be trusted.  You protect and preserve.  May they learn to love You.  When they do, they will desire to love others, including those with different political beliefs.  Give those who threaten this person the ability to articulate their grievances effectively with words and by living an exemplary lifestyle.  Please protect this individual and their family from harm.  May they rest in peace, confident that You are the loving God that You are. Amen.

John McCain

Dear Father, John McCain is a politician. He has views and opinions. He has the power to influence legislation that will effect every American. Therefore, he is admired by some and despised by others. However, he is also a human. He has fears and insecurities. He has difficulty and hardship. Like many Americans, he has been diagnosed with brain cancer. His prognosis is not good. Father, I pray for the man. I pray that he will experience Your deep love and may he feel Your comfort in a profound way. May Your people demonstrate Your comfort to him. May he have peace about his eternal destiny. May his last days and hours be peaceful. Father, may he be a comfort to other Americans who are battling the same disease. Amen.


Dear Father, it was announced today that Raqqa, in Syria, has been liberated. It had been the capital of the Islamic State. Father, may Your church grow in this city. May the people in the region discover that You are a compassionate God, full of grace, mercy, and kindness. May hope for a better future return to the residents. May families be reunited. May people find places to live. May the people enjoy food to eat, water to drink, and health care. May the people be able to return to work. May faith-based ministries have an impact on this city. Amen.


Dear Father, it was reported today that a mother in Atlanta, GA murdered her two young children by placing them into a stove. Did I really just type that? Father, we are still searching for a motive for the Las Vegas shooting. As of yet, one hasn’t been announced. Could the motive be quite simple – “evil”? Our enemy hates You. He hates people attending a concert. He hated the children living in an apartment in GA. He hates the institution of family. Father, sometimes horrific news can only be explained by the word “evil”. I ask for justice in this matter. I also ask for grace, mercy, and compassion for those who grieve the little children. Father, protect this very day the innocent children throughout our country who will be the target of parental abuse. Amen.