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October 23, 2017
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October 25, 2017

Toxic Masculinity

Dear Father, I read today of a course entitled “Toxic Masculinity”. The course intends to teach men that masculinity abuses women and is, therefore, bad. Father, in Genesis it tell us that You made both man and woman. It was Your idea to make men masculine and women feminine. You looked at Your creation and You said it was “good”. Therefore, we can conclude that Your definition of masculinity and femininity is “good”. The question: what is Your definition of masculinity? Father, we know several things to be true. A truly “masculine” man loves You with all his heart, soul, and mind. He also loves his neighbor. A man like this is godly. He bears the fruit of the Holy Spirit. He is loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and self-controlled. He feeds the hungry, gives drink to the thirsty, invites in strangers, gives clothes to those without clothes, cares for the sick, and visits the prisoner. He defends the weak and the fatherless. He upholds the cause of the poor and the oppressed. He is not anxious or afraid. He is courageous. He battles through adversity and overcomes obstacles on his mission to honor God. He surrenders his life to You. He doesn’t doubt Your character. He doesn’t worship idols. He is a man of prayer. He is a man of the Word. He is a man who protects and respects women. His wife and his children love and respect Him, not out of fear but because of how he exemplifies Jesus Christ, the ideal man. Father, the masculinity You designed, that You intend men to be like, is absolutely wonderful. Father, I ask You to create more and more men in America who embrace their masculinity, who enjoy being men, the kind of men of good character You intended all males to be. Amen.

Housekeeper Kills Elderly Man

Dear Father, I read today that a 91 year old man died of a heart attack after he and his 100 year old wife were robbed in Brooklyn, New York. Father, it is a cold heart that takes advantage of the needy and helpless. It is an evil heart that victimizes the elderly. Father, I pray for justice in this story. I pray Your abundant blessings today on the man’s wife. She must cope with this horrific crime at her advanced age. I pray that many of Your people will show compassion and grace to her. I also pray that those responsible for this act of cruelty will have an encounter with You. May they change because of it. May there be genuine remorse and repentance. May they have a new heart, filled with love for others. Amen.

Bill O’Reilly

Dear Father, political viewpoints and charges of sexual misconduct aside, Bill O’Reilly is a poster child today for the rebellious human heart. He is quoted as saying he is “mad” at You for the false charges against him. How could You allow this to happen to him? Father, whenever someone speaks that he or she is angry with You, we know their anger is not justified. You are innocent of any charge against You. You only do what is good and right at all times. There is suffering in this world because we live in rebellion from You. We mess up our own lives. We mess up the lives of other people. Father, may each of us who is “mad at You” look in the mirror today and discover the rebellion in our hearts. May we confess and repent. I ask You to bless Bill O’Reilly today, spiritually and emotionally. May he encounter You in a life transforming manner. May he have a new mission – to advance the cause of Christ and to demonstrate the love of God to people in need. Amen.

Americans Are Retiring Later, Dying Sooner and Sicker In-Between

Dear Father, Your Word tells us that You bless a society when the people walk obediently before You. A nation that surrenders to Your authority will reap peace and prosperity. You will defend the nation against enemies. Father, it is reported today that Americans are retiring later, dying sooner, and living less healthy lives. This sure sounds like a sign of Your disfavor with how Americans are living their lives. There are costs to pay for our rebellion from You. Father, I join the chorus of men and women across America who are praying for spiritual revival in our land. Father, make it happen…today. Amen.

Carson Wentz

Dear Father, as a native Philadelphian living in another state, it was a pleasure to watch Carson Wentz demonstrate amazing talent last night as he led the Philadelphia Eagles to victory on Monday Night Football. It is an added pleasure to know that the man deeply loves You. He is a believer in Jesus Christ and he is not ashamed to let the world know. Father, I ask for You to protect his ministry. I ask that You strengthen his faith. I ask that You protect his character as he receives an abundance of praise, fame, and fortune. I ask You to protect him from injury on and off the field. Why? I ask that his on-the-field performance and off-the-field character will attract thousands of people to the love of Jesus Christ. May his teammates take an interest in Jesus Christ because of his example. Amen.

A Tombstone for Donald Trump

Dear Father, an elementary school in my community made the national news yesterday. A tombstone with Donald Trump’s name on it was in a Halloween display at a school event. Father, political idealogies and disagreements aside, those responsible for the display are teaching children that those whose beliefs, characters, and lifestyles we disagree with should die. Father, our nation has been prosperous in part because the people have respected law and order. We understand our society cannot function in chaos. We need laws and we need a just and righteous civil authority to encourage us all to obey the laws. Wishing the death of the individual holding an office in such a system is to wish for the breakdown of the very system that makes our nation function. Father, I ask that You protect our children. Many of us adults are fools. Many of us adults are rash. Many of us adults are immature. Many of us adults speak and act before thinking. Children are watching. Children are learning. Children are following our example. The next generation becomes all the more foolish than the current generation. Father, we need maturity and godliness in our schools. May school administrators across America grasp that we cannot continue to teach our children rebellion from law and order and expect our nation to survive. Amen.