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September 7, 2018

In-N-Out Burgers

Dear Father, In-N-Out Burgers is a popular restaurant chain in California, Arizona, Utah, Texas, and Oregon. It has a reputation for delicious food, customer service satisfaction, and respect for the dignity of employees. The chain was started decades ago by Harry and Esther Snyder, who I understand were Christians. A culture was created that included the printing of Bible references on the drinking cups. Their two sons, Rich and Gus, both took turns running the business. The company is now owned and managed by Harry and Esther’s granddaughter, Lnysi, who is in her 30s. In-N-Out is in the news because Eric Bauman, the head of the California Democratic Party, called for a boycott of the restaurant chain because the chain gave $ 25,000 to the Republican party. In his Twitter tweet, he used the word “creepy” to describe the In-N-Out company. His call for a boycott was immediately rebuffed by many loyal customers of the chain and by other leaders in the California Democratic party. Apparently, few have the stomach to take a public stand against a very popular eating establishment in California. Republicans have taken advantage of Mr. Bauman’s call for a boycott by releasing photos of themselves enjoying In-N-Out Burger food. The company released a statement stating that they have also donated to the Democratic party.  Father, I  take advantage of In-N-Out Burgers being in the news to pray for them.  Bless the management and employees of this company.  Meet their needs.  Strengthen their faith.  Expand their business by the same measure of their commitment to honor You with it.  I ask that this incident will be a blessing not only to their bottom line but also to their testimony.  Thank you that there are businesses in America, such as this burger chain, who seek to deliver excellence, in Your name, to all customers. Bless Lynsi Snyder today, giving her reasons to thank You for Your goodness to her. Amen.

Momo Suicide Game

Dear Father, Momo is a smartphone “game” that challenges children to take various actions to hurt themselves. The ultimate objective is a call for the children to commit suicide. A scary-looking bird-like woman with protruding eyes, named Momo, threatens any player with an evil curse if they do not complete each challenge. Children playing the game all over the world have committed suicide, most recently including a 12-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy in Colombia. Momo is similar to “Blue Whale”, a suicide challenge that has taken the life of teens in Russian and the U.S.  Father, rescue children from Momo this very hour.  Stop a child somewhere in the world from harming themselves.  Save a child from committing suicide because this game has told them to do so.  Father, go to war against this game, using Your power and authority to defeat its intentions to destroy the lives of young people. Let us hear in the news how this game has been defeated in some fashion. Amen.

Tropical Storm Gordon

Dear Father, Tropical Storm Gordon is heading out into the Gulf of Mexico after dropping heavy rain on Florida. The storm is expected to strengthen into a hurricane and make landfall on the U.S. Gulf coast, somewhere between Louisiana and the Florida panhandle. Residents outside of flood control areas have been asked to voluntarily evacuate as the storm surge is expected to be 3 to 5 feet.  Father, it is likely that people’s lives will be disrupted by this storm.  Perhaps they will be merely inconvenienced by an unnecessary evacuation.  Perhaps they may experience property damage or loss.  In either case, I pray that this storm leads people in its path to their knees.  May those who pray for deliverance encounter You in a life-changing way, praising You from this point forward for all of Your goodness.  Answer the prayers of those who have surrendered their lives to You.  Father, I ask that not one person will die because of this storm.  Extend Your grace to all who experience property damage or injury.  Amen.

Chicago Violence

Dear Father, six more people were killed over the Labor Day weekend in Chicago. The wave of violence this summer in Chicago has led to the deaths of 1,026 people since Memorial Day. Shane Colombo, a 25-year-old doctoral student at Northwestern University, was killed when he was caught in a crossfire of gang violence.  Father, get involved in this crisis in Chicago.  Get Your church involved. Rescue this city from violence.  However, may it be clear to the residents of the city that the reason there is so much violence is that people have rebelled against You.  Move in this city and get many voices to call the community back to the Biblical commands to “love God with all your heart, soul, and mind and to love your neighbor as you do yourself.”  I pray that You will protect innocent people from being victims of violence in Chicago.  I pray that You will rescue vulnerable and confused young men and women from gangs.  I lift up the family and friends of Shane Colombo.  Be compassionate, gracious, and merciful to them as they mourn his death.  Move in their hearts and lead them to the peace and joy from You that is beyond understanding. Amen.

Rev. Jasper Williams Jr.

Dear Father, the Rev. Jasper Williams Jr., pastor at the Salem Bible Church of Atlanta, GA, was asked to speak at the funeral of Aretha Franklin. Aretha, the Queen of Soul who became famous for her 1960s hit “R-e-s-p-e-c-t”, was a single black mother who had raised four children. Jasper used the occasion to speak of the damage the African American community experiences because so many families are broken, missing a responsible father-figure. Jasper described the damage to a child by the absence of a healthy father-figure as a child’s “abortion after birth”. Such a message will never go over well with those who dismiss the importance of a father figure in a home. This message was considered especially offensive and distasteful to be delivered at a funeral. Some felt that it was criticism of Aretha herself.  Father, I will not speak here of the appropriateness of the venue or the occasion of Jasper Williams message.  However, there is no question in my mind that every family, regardless of skin color, does need a father who is a strong man of faith.  Our society is crumbling because we have been deceived to believe men of God are not needed in the home.  Many men have irresponsibly abandoned their role as the spiritual leaders of their families.  Hollywood and the media don’t help, mocking the idea of a healthy father figure.  Father, I ask that the debate over the appropriate timing of Jasper Williams’ message will lead to a worthwhile discussion in thousands of homes across America about the importance of godly father figures.  May there be men out there, inspired by this discussion, who take a stand that they will become men of God their wives and children can count on.  May there be godly women out there who are strengthened in their resolve to commit their lives only to men who are determined to become godly husbands and fathers.  Father, please minister to Jasper Williams today.  Protect him from all the attacks on his character. Where he did or said wrong in this situation, where he perhaps should have exercised better discretion, help him to see and learn.  Regardless, meet his needs and draw him closer to You. Gain victory against all those who jump on situations like this in their effort to destroy godly fatherhood in America. Amen.

Monica Lewinsky

Dear Father, Monica Lewinsky, 45, was the White House intern who had an affair with President Bill Clinton circa 1995-1996. Apparently the couple had intimate physical contact in or near the Oval Office. President Clinton was impeached as a result of his conduct. The ripples from the couple’s behavior were still evident in the 2016 Presidential campaign between Donald Trump and Clinton’s wife, Hillary. While Hillary criticized Donald Trump for being an abuser of women, Trump’s supporters challenged her to account for why she stood by her husband in the 1990s scandal, apparently condoning his sexual misconduct with women. Two decades ago, the media blamed Monica for her behavior while defending President Clinton. The scorn and ridicule that Monica experienced was oppressive. Monica, who has subsequently become an activist, television personality, and fashion designer, is in the news again after a comment from President Clinton stating that he had offered Monica a public apology but not a private one. Monica, who was in Israel related to her campaign against cyber-bullying, was asked to be interviewed by Israeli Channel 2 news anchor Yonit Levi. Monica agreed to speak under the condition that no questions would be asked related to her encounter with President Clinton. Yonit began the interview with a question about her response to President Clinton’s statement. Monica abruptly ended the interview.  Father, I ask for Your mercy and grace to be abundant in Monica’s life this very day.  Strengthen her faith. Draw her into a close relationship with You. May she experience the peace and joy that comes from surrendering her life to You.  Meet her every need and give her many reasons to thank and praise You.  Give her a testimony that inspires others to place their faith in You.  Protect her and defend her from personal attacks.  Amen.

Boating Accident

Dear Father, Christine Lewis, 51, was killed in a boating accident on the Colorado River at the Pirate Cove Marina in Moabi Regional Park, CA. Kirra Drury, Raegan Heitzig, and Brian Grabowski are missing after two power boats collided and quickly sank in 30 feet of water. An estimated 13 people were injured with one or two suffering life-threatening injuries. Victims were found 3 to 5 miles downstream after the incident. Father, as I type this, there are no reports that three missing people have been located.  Please help the authorities find these people, giving closer to the families.  Be gracious ad compassionate to the family of Christine Lewis as they mourn her death.  Move in their hearts and draw them into a personal relationship with You.  Meet their every need as they grieve.  I also pray for those who were injured in this boating accident. Spare their lives.  Restore their health.  Draw them into a close relationship with You directly as a result of this accident. I pray for the families of those who are missing.  They have special needs this hour, unsure if they should have hope or if they should begin the grieving process.  Father, minister to them.  May there be reflection in the hearts of many who hear about this accident.  One day we take selfies on a boat, enjoying an afternoon on the river. The next day we are victims of an accident with that same boat.  We don’t know what a day may bring.  Lead many to learn a lesson from this tragedy to take life more seriously. Amen.