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Monday August 13, 2018
August 13, 2018
Monday August 20, 2018
August 20, 2018

Jordan Holgerson

Dear Father, Jordan Holgerson, 16, was pushed off a bridge near Moulton Falls in Vancouver, WA. The 60-foot plunge into water resulted in the breaking of five of her ribs and the puncturing of both of her lungs. It has been reported that her recovery will be long. The woman who pushed her is under investigation by the police.  Father, I ask for You to give Jordan complete physical healing from her injuries.  I ask that You will also heal her from the emotional trauma of the experience.  Turn this incident into an opportunity for Jordan to draw close to You.  May she discover Your love for her in a truly meaningful way as she contemplates issues of life and death.  Turn this young lady into a giant of faith who touches many lives for You.  In the meantime, give her rest and renew her physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Amen.

Family of Seven Dies

Dear Father, Erika Boquet, 29, her three children ages 6 to 11, and another relative with two children were killed in a head on collision in Oregon. The family of seven were traveling from Washington state to Las Vegas. Another driver, who also lost their life, swerved into opposing traffic and struck the family’s Toyota 4Runner. It has been reported that Erika was the head of Last Stop, a charity that provides resources for low-income families.  Father, many people, represented by both cars in this crash, are grieving the loss of loved ones.  They are questioning why You allowed this to happen.  They are longing for Your comfort.  They need Your help as they walk through the various stages of grief.  Father, pour out Your compassion on all who mourn the victims of this horrific car accident.  Meet their needs.  Give them many reasons to thank You not only today but also in the months and years ahead.  May this tragedy turn into a miraculous blessing, the kind of miracle only You can engineer.  Amen.

Andrew Brunson

Dear Father, evangelical Pastor Andrew Brunson, 50, was arrested in Turkey in October 2016. He was charged with espionage, believed to be connected to the outlawed Gülen movement. He was moved to house arrest last month. He is the focus of a growing trade ware between the U.S. government and the regime of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Trump has doubled steel and aluminum tariffs in an effort to force Turkey to release Pastor Brunson. Turkey has responded by placing tariffs on U.S. goods and services.  Father, please liberate Andrew.  Work in the hearts and minds of the political forces in both the U.S. and in Turkey so that this pastor stops becoming a pawn and is freed to return to his loved ones in America.  In the meantime, strengthen him. Meet his every need – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Help him to grow in his relationship with You.  May he be a testimony of the transforming love of God before all who interact with him.  Amen.

Genoa, Italy Bridge Collapse

Dear Father, 35 people, including 3 children, died yesterday when the Morandi Highway Bridge collapse in Genoa, Italy. A 650 foot section of the 160 foot high bridge collapsed during a violent thunderstorm, leading 30 vehicles to plummet into an industrial park underneath the bridge. A warehouse, vacant because of summer holidays in Italy, was destroyed by the collapse of the concrete tower.  Father, there are perhaps 35 families who are grieving the loss of loved ones who died in yesterday’s bridge disaster.  Father, have mercy on them.  Pour out Your love to them.  Meet their every need as they must deal with unexpected funerals and sudden grief.  Use this tragedy to draw individuals from these families into personal relationships with You.  I also pray for Your mercy and compassion on those who were responsible for the collapse of the bridge.  Their hearts must be burdened with feelings of guilt or shame today.  Father, draw them into Your arms as well.  May they find refuge in You.  There were also businesses that were destroyed by the rubble.  Attend to the owners and employees of those businesses, leading many into a personal walk with You.  The first responders and those assigned to clean up the rubble are going to have their own set of needs.  Father, work in their lives as well, leading many to thank You for the blessings You give them. Amen.

Christine Hallquist

Dear Father, yesterday Christine Hallquist won the Democratic primary for governor of Vermont. Christine will face incumbant Republican Governor Phil Scott in the general election this November. Christine, the former CEO of Vermont Electric Cooperative, won the primary on a platform that included improvements in the environment and to offer high-speed Internet to every home across the state. However, Christine, who was born a man, has admitted that her primary goal is to become the first transgender governor of a U.S. state. Father, in the spirit of compassion, I will use the female gender pronoun Christine has adopted for herself.  Governor Scott easily won the Republican primary even though he received much criticism from gun rights advocates for signing a gun control law that limited the size of gun magazines. Gun rights advocates are going to court in an effort to overturn that legislation. An incumbent governor has not lost a re-election bid in the state of Vermont since 1962, 56 years ago.  Father, may Your will be done in this November’s election for governor of Vermont.  May the candidate of Your preference win the election.  With deep love, You created the boy who now is called Christine Hallquist. I know You long for a personal relationship with Christine.  You want her to find refuge in You.  You want Christine to surrender her life to You.  You want Christine to experience all the blessings that come from walking day by day with You. Father, work in Christine’s life in such a way that she will one day share the story of how You rescued her from rebellion, just like You have rescued millions of others.  In the meantime, surround Christine with godly advisors.  Use her to accomplish Your purposes in Vermont.  May one day the story of the growth of the church in Vermont mention what You are doing in Christine’s life. Amen.

North Kansas City School District

Dear Father, the North Kansas City School District in Kansas City, MO has installed gender-less bathrooms in two elementary schools. Boys and girls will enter the same bathroom and go into secure and private stalls to relieve themselves. They will then share a common area to wash their hands. It has been reported that this design has received praise from students, teachers, and parents as the ideal solution to the bathroom controversy in the U.S. Transgender students will not feel discriminated against and non-transgender students will not feel insecure that a student with a different anatomy is in an open stall next to them. This same school district made news in 2016 when they crowned a transgender student as the Homecoming Queen.  Father, I ask for Your protection on each child who attends one of these schools.  Work in their hearts and minds.  Cause each of them to embrace who You made them to be.  May the boys enjoy being boys and may the girls enjoy being girls.  Father, protect godly masculinity and femininity not just in these schools but also in our nation.  May You stand watch over the children as these use these rest rooms, doing whatever You think is appropriate to protect each vulnerable child from the misguided or flat-out rebellious thinking of the adults. Is this a good solution for the bathroom controversy in our land?  Only You know the answer.  If it is, may this idea spread.  If it is not, may it clearly not work and may the schools reject it in the future.  Amen.

200+ Newspapers

Dear Father, 200+ newspapers across the U.S. will publish editorials tomorrow to counter President Trumps’s claim that journalists are the “enemy of the people”. The editorials will declare how important journalism is to a free and open democratic society. They will also express concern that President Trump’s language is threatening the safety of journalists, not only in the U.S. but also across the globe. However, many Americans believe journalists to be blatantly biased against not only President Trump but also against all of those who voted for him in the 2016 Presidential election. These Americans believe that journalists are not doing their jobs to provide just the facts, allowing the readers to form their own opinions. Instead, these Americans believe journalists are publishing opinion pieces with every news article. Research has indicated that over 90% of journalists are liberal/progressive. Therefore, many Americans are concerned that thousands of news articles are published every day that advocate for the liberal/progressive point of view while silencing moderate to conservative beliefs. Such Americans turn to Fox News and Breitbart to read articles without the liberal/progressive bias. Liberal journalists denounce conservative news networks for their conservative bias, effectively communicating that people with conservative views should not have a source of news that respects their beliefs. President Trump’s “enemy of the people” words gave voice to many conservatives who feel journalists are at war against their beliefs.  Father, do what You believe is necessary to address this issue.  I do ask that integrity will return to journalism. May journalists in influential news outlets have a sudden and unexpected passion for reporting just the facts, even if the facts go against their beliefs.  Father, initiate a spiritual revival among journalists across our nation.  Restore our trust in journalism, a trust that is essential to a healthy democracy, just like the editorials tomorrow are going to discuss. Trust in journalism will not be restored by journalists complaining that they are mistreated. Trust will be restored by journalists when they become exclusively committed to the facts, saving their opinion for the editorial page.  Amen.

Sex Robots Improve Marriages?

Dear Father, the sex robot industry is booming around the globe. Men and women are having sex with robots that are meticulously designed to simulate sex with a real human. This technology is praised by psychologists who believe it gives lonely people the opportunity to enjoy sex with a “partner”. They also believe it gives predators an opportunity to express themselves sexually without harming real people. Sex robots are in the news today because an economics professor at the University of British Columbia has written that sex robots will improve marriages. The professor claims that marriage partners can be sexually satisfied by sex robots, allowing the couple to focus on their emotional intimacy and friendship and parenting. The professor claims that family life will improve for child as their parents will no longer be sexually dissatisfied. However, the professor also stated that sex robots can push the envelop of what is a “marriage”, allowing heterosexual couples to cohabit with one another, each having their own sex robot to care for their sexual needs. The professor also considered the possibility that sex robots can advance the cause of polygamy, with multiple people married together with all sex taking place with robots in the home.  Father, there seems to be much here that is deceptive; a lie.  It is very simple – You created the institution of marriage to represent a committed relationship between You and Your people.  You designed it so that when a man and a woman become spiritually and emotionally intimate they will long for sexual union.  Sex is to be the result of emotional and spiritually unity between a man and a woman. Sex is not an end to itself.  Sex cannot be separated from the emotional and spiritual state of a couple’s relationship.  If it is, that relationship is broken and dysfunctional.  Father, work in the lives of millions of people across America.  Lead men and women into the thrill of genuine, authentic, and blessed emotional, spiritual, and sexual relationships with the humans You intended them to partner with.  Turn many away from the idea that they will ever be satisfied with a machine.  They won’t. Protect the people in Your church from the deception that sexual rebots are the answer for issues they face about their sexuality.  Amen.

Katie Stubblefield

Dear Father, Katie Stubblefield, 21, attempted suicide after a breakup with a partner by shooting herself in the face with a hunting rifle at her brother’s home in Tennessee in 2014. She was 17 years old at the time. She survived but she also lost her face, suffered traumatic brain injury, and severely impacted her hormones. Katie’s story is featured on the cover of the September issue of National Geographic. Surgeons have given her a new face, a face donated by a woman named Adrea Schneider, 31, who died of a drug overdose. Adrea’s organs were heroically donated to seven other people as well.  Father, thank You for Adrea’s donations.  I pray that each person who received her donations thrives and enjoys better lives.  I pray Your blessings on Adrea’s family as they mourn her loss and as they celebrate her gift of life for others.  Father, I cannot imagine the agony, pain, and suffering dear Katie has experienced in her young life.  There was the tremendous emotional pain leading up to her suicide attempt.  Now, she suffers from the physical and emotional pain of having caused catastrophic damage to her face and head.  Father, I ask that You show us all how dearly You love Katie.  Father, rescue her in every way that she needs to be rescued.  Surround her with an abundance of Your love, especially from Your people.  Give the medical community who are treating her incredible skill.  Help her to heal and recover in such a manner that she can function normally in public once more, without hiding her face, thanks to Adrea’s donation.  May her body not reject her new face.  Help her in her very unique struggle as she looks in the face and sees another person, someone who looks far different than who she used to be.  Most importantly, bring spiritual salvation into her life so that she can experience the beauty of a personal relationship with You.  One day, may her original face be restored as she worships and serves You throughout eternity with a new body.  Amen.