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December 12, 2017
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December 14, 2017

Doug Jones

Dear Father, Doug Jones has been elected by the people of Alabama to take over the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. Father, I believe in Your sovereignty. Your work in Alabama, and in the nation, will be accomplished with Mr. Jones in the office. It has been reported that Doug and his wife Louise have been faithful members of a United Methodist Church in Alabama for over three dcades. I pray that his faith will be a close, valued, and trusted advisor to him as he moves to Washington DC. Father, work in his heart and mind in such a way that he inquires of the Lord for each of the decisions he needs to make in office. I pray that his character will be above reproach. I pray that he will take positions in office that are supportive of the role You have given the church in our society. Father, may he be a friend of all who desire to do good to their neighbors. May he take positions and advocate for policies after taking three things into account – 1) He seeks Your guidance in prayer 2) He uses analysis and reason independent of Washington political gamesmanship and 3) Be listens to the voice of his constituents. Father, give him skills to find common ground in Washington. Give him wisdom with respect to taxation, education, economics, health care, civil rights, abortion, the environment, and national defense. Protect him. Provide for him. Give him a hunger for Your Word and the counsel of godly men and women. I pray You will bless his marriage to Louise. I ask Your blessings on his children Courtney, Carson, and Christopher. Amen.

US Constitution

Dear Father, is our country perfect? Absolutely not! Our nation is broken and flawed in many places. We are a people who have rebelled against You. Forgive us! Raise up men and women of God to call us to surrender our lives to You and who live their lives in such a manner. We thank You for the Constitution of the United States. It is a document that has kept this country strong since March 4, 1789. It is a document that has given our nation political stability for 228 years. It is a document that weathered the storm of the civil war in the 1800s. Father, the constitution is under attack from many enemies, both foreign and domestic. I ask that You will protect it so that Your church can do the work You have given it to do. I ask that You will protect it so that our nation can continue to be a beacon of hope to oppressed people’s around the world. Father, I ask that our legislature will be faithful to Article 1. I ask that our executive branch will be faithful to Article 2. I ask that our courts will be faithful to Article 3. I ask that our federal and state governments, and how they interact with each other, will be faithful to Article 4. I ask that those who desire to amend the constitution will be faithful to Article 5. I ask that all legislators, executives, and judges in Washington DC and in every state be faithful Article 6, pledging their allegiance to the Constitution. Father, the moment the people or the leaders abandon the Constitution our nation will fall apart. I ask that You keep this document strong for, at least, a few more generations. Amen.

London Breed

Dear Father, I ask that You comfort all those who grieve the sudden death of former San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. Give them peace and hope. Walk with them through these dark moments. May each person who mourns for Ed’s passing turn to You and discover aknew how good You are. Father, as President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, London Breed has assumed the role of acting mayor. The supervisors may appoint another individual to serve as acting mayor or keep London in office until a special election can be held next June for a new mayor to complete Mr. Lee’s term. Move the supervisors to act as You see fit. Father, I ask that You guide and direct London in this new responsibility. This is no doubt a time of anxiety and confusion for her as she most likely did not anticipate for or plan for this sudden new responsibility. May she look to You for help. Give her peace of mind and clarity. Surround her with competent men and women of good character and wisdom. May her actions in office be beneficial to Your church in the city. Father, raise up the man or woman of Your choice in 2018 to become the next Mayor of San Francisco. Amen.

The View

Dear Father, The View is an influential American talk show on ABC. Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Paula Faris, Sara Hines, Sunny Hostin, and Meghan McCain discuss politics and culture. Their discussion is watched by an estimated 2.5 to 3 million viewers. Father, there is no doubt that their expressed opinions and beliefs are influential, especially to younger viewers who are still exploring for themselves what they believe. Father, I ask this about The View today – may whatever the women debate and decide on this show contribute to what You want for America. May their positions support the work of the church in our local communities. Father, each of these women has their own needs. I know You love each of them dearly. For those who have walked away from You, draw them back to Yourself. May they experience the love of God in a new and life transforming way. Be attentive to their prayers. Provide for them. Protect them. Extend Your grace and mercy into their families. May their children surrender their lives to You. Lead these women to faith. Give them wisdom. Give them good characters. May their influence on America please You. Amen.