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January 9, 2018
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January 11, 2018

Willie Nelson

Dear Father, I ask You to attend to the needs of Willie Nelson today. The 84 year old country music star had to cancel a number of concerts because of an illness. He has had a successful career as a musician, singer, songwriter, author, poet, and actor, appearing in over two dozen films. He has been an advocate for the legalization of marijuana. He has also been a supporter of farmers, bio-diesel technology, animal rights, and the LGBT community. He has had four wives and seven children. Father, the man clearly has a desire to make a difference in society. I ask that You work in his heart and mind in his remaining days and draw him into a personal relationship with You. Have mercy on Him and orchestrate a “Damascus Road” encounter where he understands and embraces who Jesus Christ really is. I ask that You use his desire to change the world for Your purposes and that his faith will make a difference even for just a few lives. Father, help him to heal and restore him to health but bring about his spiritual rebirth before the end of his life. Amen.

California Floods

Dear Father, Southern California suffered from destructive wildfires a few weeks ago. The erosion caused by the fires made the hillsides susceptible to mudslides. The Montecito, CA area has received up to 5″ of rain in recent days. Hundreds of people have had to be rescued and thousands have been evacuated after the mudslides damaged homes, turned neighborhoods into fields of debris, and closed roads and highways. 13 people have died. Father, I ask You today to have mercy on the victims of this natural disaster. Father, save lives that are in danger. Help people to heal physically and emotionally from the tragedy. Help people to rebuild their homes and their communities. However, I ask that You use this experience to draw people to Yourself. Use Your church in the region to show the compassion and love of God to people whose lives have been uprooted. May the victims encounter with Your love lead to their spiritual rebirth. I pray especially for those who have lost a loved one in this natural disaster. Attend to their needs. Comfort them. May many who have been impacted by this event one day share their testimonies of how You changed their lives this month. Amen.

Alan Dershowitz

Dear Father, Alan Dershowitz is a lawyer, author, constitutional law expert, and defender of civil liberties. He became famous because of his representation of Mike Tyson, Patty Hearts, Jim Baker, and Claus Von Bülow. He was also a consultant to OJ Simpson’s defense team. Alan, who is Jewish, is the father of three and is married to his second wife, Carolyn. Though his political views can be otherwise described as liberal, he is an outspoken and avid supporter of the nation of Israel. He has defended Israel as a guest speaker at universities and on television and also in op-ed articles in major publications. He advocates for the right for Israel to defend itself against its enemies. Though he supported both President Obama and Hillary Clinton in recent presidential elections and disagrees with the policies of the Trump Administration, he is in the news today for his defense of Trump against claims in the media that Trump is mentally ill. Alan believes it is a dangerous path for our country to label people mentally ill who simply have different political ideologies than our own. Alan calls on liberals to do with battle Trump policies not by efforts to have him impeached or involuntarily committed but through the 2018 and 2020 elections. Alan is concerned that the call to have Trump institutionalized for his political policies is similar to how totalitarian regimes in the Soviet Union and China silenced opponents. It is an invitation for conservatives to take the same approach when the next liberal occupies the Oval Office. Father, this man has an audience and a following. He speaks and people listen. Therefore, I ask today that You will give him words that advance the cause of Your church. Bring about a spiritual rebirth in his heart. May he encounter Your love in a life-changing manner. May his passion in the 2020s be the advancement of the good news that God has rescued mankind through Jesus Christ. All things are possible with You, Father. You can do this. I pray You will meet whatever need Alan, or his family, has today. Give him reasons to thank You. Amen.

Robert DeNiro

Dear Father, Robert is a well-known Hollywood actor, producer, and director. He is famous for his gangster roles in movies. His peers have recognized his career by giving him the AFI Life Achievement Award and the Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award. President Barack Obama gave Robert the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016. DeNiro is a liberal progressive and supporter of the Democratic Party who is in the news today for his recent obscenity-filled rant against President Donald Trump. Father, You created him. You fashioned him in the womb of his professed-atheist mother. You gave him the acting talents the public has enjoyed for decades. You have permitted him to enjoy the wealth and fame that comes from his chosen profession. Father, I know You love him and You long for a personal relationship with him. Father, orchestrate events in Robert’s life that lead him to a spiritual rebirth. May he encounter the risen Christ and may he profess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Father, may his faith in the true loving, holy, just, and sovereign God be newsworthy in the 2020s. May whatever resistance he has to the message of Christ collapse as he experiences a tidal wave of the truth and compassion of God. Amen.