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January 16, 2018
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January 18, 2018

Carlos Dominguez family

Dear Father, Carlos Dominguez, 77, was a Mexican journalist in the Tamaulipas region who wrote articles about organized crime and corruption in the police. He was stabbed by assailants 21 times last Saturday in front of his son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren. Carlos joins the list of eleven journalists who were murdered in 2017. His death came the day after he published a column critical of political violence in Mexico. The Tamaulipas region, adjacent to the Texas border, is plagued by the battle between two drug cartels, a battle which leads to murder, kidnapping, extortion, car jacking, and sexual assault. Journalists are silenced by threats or bribes, leading to the only source of crime reporting being the brave citizens who post on social media. The situation is so dangerous that the US government has advised Americans not to travel into the region. Father, I ask that You have mercy on the Dominguez family. Comfort them as they grieve. Protect them from harm. Meet their physical and emotional needs. Father, may this experience lead members of his family into a personal relationship with You. Father, I ask for justice. Convict the hearts of those who committed this crime. Lead them into remorse and confession. May they change their ways. May their hearts turn to You. I ask that at least one of the assailants on Saturday will be transformed into a dynamic ambassador for Christ. Father, bring about miraculous spiritual new life among the families of journalists who have lost their lives. I ask that You protect the lives of journalists in Tamaulipas this very day. Prevent their killings. Deliver them from harm. Father, there are men and women in the cartel who are anxious and emotionally hurting. They need spiritual deliverance. I ask that You work even this day on their deliverance. Lead them safely out of the cartels and into Your loving church. Amen


Dear Father, millions of men and women across America are addicted to porn. It is rampant in our society and a problem in the church. There is a report out today that there is growing addiction to porn among women. Father, our sexuality was designed by You as the natural expression of godly emotional and spiritual intimacy. A man and woman are so bonded emotionally, so united in faith, that they long for physical intimacy. However, we have ignored the emotional and spiritual intimacy and we’ve jumped right into bed. We celebrate biological processes and the associated fantasies but we emotionally abuse each other in relationships. Without genuine and authentic love in relationships, millions of people walk our streets lonely, turning right back to the habits that celebrate biology that contributed to their loneliness to begin with. We have become addicted as a society to porn and it has hurt our marriages, our children, our jobs, our education, and our friendships. Father, our society will never be freed from our addiction to pornography until millions of people first surrender their hearts to You. It is the Holy Spirit, who comes into our lives after we confess and repent from our rebellion from You, who frees men and women from addiction. How do people come to faith in Christ? They experience the love of the church in their time of need. Father, give the hearts of millions of believers the desire to demonstrate the love of God to people in crisis. Inspire them to share their testimonies. May You then use the acts of compassion and the words of hope by Your believers to change the hearts of people who are addicted to pornography. Father, I ask You to do a miracle today. I ask You to choose one man and one woman who are leaders and influencers today in the pornography industry and bring them to faith in Christ. Transform them. May they share their testimony in the 2020s about how you delivered them. I ask for another miracle today – choose ten families in America who are hurt the most by pornography and completely rescue them. Free the entire family from the addiction. Bring the hope and joy of Christ into the life of each member of each of the ten families. Amen.

New California

Dear Father, it is reported today there is another movement to split California into two states. In this case, it is a group of conservatives who would like to separate the rest of California from the liberal and progressive populations along the coast. Father, Article IV, Section 3, of the US Constitution makes it unconstitutional for any part of an existing state to become it’s own state unless the legislature of the state in question and the US Congress approve such a move. The hurdles those who support this initiative must overcome are huge. However, all things are possible with You. If You want this to happen, it can happen. Father, I ask You this – if Your church is best advanced in the land currently known as California by one state, make this effort to split the state in two unsuccessful. However, if Your church will grow more from a two-state solution, make the split happen. Whatever the final result, please build Your church in California. Amen.