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Global Warming

Dear Father, millions of Americans, as well as citizens of countries from around the world, believe that the earth is warming and humans are responsible for it. It is alleged that the burning of fossil fuels, such as oil, natural gas, and coal, adds more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than the earth can process. The accumulating carbon dioxide traps heat in the atmosphere, warming the planet. Scientists believe the warming of the planet will lead to the melting of polar and glacial ice, the rising of sea levels, the reduction of snow covers, more volatility in our weather, and species extinction. Many believe the ultimate impact of global warming will be the migration of populations in search for suitable land to sustain life. Such a migration would inevitability cause geopolitical conflict. The proposed solution to combat global warming is to limit the burning of fossile fuels by law and to tax the businesses and industries that generate excessive carbon dioxide.

However, there is another side to this story. There are millions of people, including scientists, who question the accuracy of the evidence for global warming. They believe the earth may not be warming at all or, if it is warming, it may be caused by normal weather or solar patterns that have occurred throughout the history of the earth. Some make the case that the earth may actually be cooling in recent years. There are those who are concerned that global warming advocates have a not-so-hidden political agenda to increase their wealth, and to increase their power and control over populations, by using alarmist rhetoric, frightening people into submission and cooperation.

Father, I am confident that You are in control. Your Word paints the picture of a God who controls the weather. You shake the earth as You please. The planets are obedient to You. You feed each animal. In other words, life on earth is dependent not upon the activity of the human race but upon Your sovereign care. If You desire the earth to warm, it will warm. If You desire the earth to cool, it will cool. You may increase or decrease the temperature of the earth because You wrote the owner’s manual about how to perform maintenance on the earth that You created. Father, Your Word also tells us that You manage the weather in accordance with human obedience to You. Famines can occur because You withhold rain in an act of discipline against those who have rebelled from You. Your Word tells us that You will shower blessings, including a good environment, on nations who turn their hearts back to You.

Father, it seems to me that the best way to combat global warming, if it is a legitimate problem, is for the human race to examine our relationship with You. We have a spiritual problem and global warming may be a symptom of it. Lead us to repentance and surrender to You. Transform our hearts and minds. Strengthen Your church and may the church have a season of incredible effectiveness, demonstrating the love of God to hurting people in every nation. In the meantime, please continue to control the weather and the environment. Protect us from ourselves. Provide us with the food and water we need. Help us to survive weather disasters. Increase people’s awareness in every corner of the earth that there is an all-powerful God in control of this planet whom we need to serve and honor. Amen.

Al Gore

Dear Father, Al Gore was a House Representative and a Senator before he became the 45th Vice President of the United States from 1993 to 2001. After his loss to George W Bush in the 2000 presidential election, Al become an environmentalist, arguably the leading voice in the effort to unite people across the globe in the fight against global warming. His efforts led to his receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. He has influence with major corporations such as Apple and Google and he has been a professor at several universities. Gore has been criticized for having a conflict-of-interest with his environmentalism, encouraging taxpayer subsidies for green-energy technologies in which he has a personal investment. His data and the analysis of that data have also been questioned by researchers. In 2010, Gore separated from his wife, Tipper, after 30 years of marriage. They had three daughters and a son together. Father, Al Gore was created by You. You deeply love him. You long for a personal relationship with him. Father, I ask that in the coming years You convince Al that there is nothing more important for his own life, and for the prosperity of the world, than for You to receive the honor and glory You are due. Open Al’s eyes to the relationship between human obedience to God and God’s blessings on this planet. Father, may Al’s voice be powerful and influential whenever he speaks wisdom from God. However, whenever Al speaks in contradiction to Your will, may his words fall on deaf ears. Father, bless him today and may he realize how thankful he should be for all the good things you have done for him. Amen.

School Shootings

Dear Father, there have been two reported school shootings this week. On Monday, a teenage boy shot a teenage girl several times at Italy High School near Dallas, Texas. The boy was arrested. The girl is expected to survive. Yesterday, a 15-year-old assailant shot and killed students Bailey Holt and Preston Cope at Marshall County High School in Caldwell, Kentucky. An additional 17 children were injured, some who are in serious condition. It has been reported that the assailant in the Kentucky school had been a victim of bullying and that his parents had recently gone through a divorce. Father, I ask for You to do several things in these two tragedies. First, bring full physical healing to all who were injured in these shootings. Ease their physical pain and enable them to rest. Second, emotionally and spiritually support the victims, their family members, their classmates, and their teachers. Help them to heal from the trauma of the event. Give them godly mentors and counselors. May the local church minister to them in amazing ways. Third, bless the two high schools this very day. May the love of God flood into every classroom and may there be spiritual revival. Fourth, be gracious, kind, and compassionate to the families who lost loved ones. Father, give them reasons to thank You and praise You for Your deliverance and goodness. Finally, have mercy on the two shooters. Lead them to confession and repentance. Lead them to surrender their lives to You. May they experience the full transformation of their hearts and minds. May they have remorse and may they seek forgiveness. Give them both testimonies that will inspire others to place their faith in You. Amen.