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July 16, 2018
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July 20, 2018

Rep. Seth Moulton

Dear Father, the Democratic Party is searching for presidential candidates to successfully compete against President Trump in 2020. The most recognizable names on the list are Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Joe Biden. Hillary Clinton, who lost the 2016 presidential election, has hinted that she is interested in a third attempt to win the presidency. The problem that the Democratic Party faces is that these individuals are either too old or too progressive to deliver the centrist message the Democrats need to connect with younger independents and blue-collar workers. A scan of the horizon suggests the Democrats may have alternatives in John Delaney of Maryland, Joe Kennedy III of Massachusetts, Eric Swalwell of California, Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, Time Ryan of Ohio, and Luis Gutiérrez of Illinois. Another name on the list is Seth Moulton, 38, the U.S. Representative for Massachusetts’s 6th Congressional District on the North Shore above Boston. He is a former Marine who served four tours in Iraq and received medals for his courage under fire. His combat honors and his disapproval of the war in Iraq made him a sought after spokesperson by the progressive national media. He earned two masters degrees in business and public policy from Harvard University. He launched a company called Eastern Healthcare Partners to demonstrate his business experience, though it is reported the business never generated any income. He was victorious in his first run for Congress in 2014, defeating incumbent John Tierney. He is a member of the New Democrat Coalition, a moderate congressional caucus that is pro-growth and seeks fiscally responsibly economic policy. He is considered one of the most bipartisan members of Congress from New England. However, he has called himself a social progressive, supporting abortion, gay marriage, and gun control. He is also a vocal opponent of President Trump, comparing Trump’s rise to power with Adolf Hitler’s in Germany.  Father, I know that You deeply love Seth Moulton.  You created him.  You gave him the skills that he now uses to function as a representative of the people who live along the coast north of Boston.  You desire a personal relationship with him.  You would love him to serve the advancement of Your church and to touch lives in Your name.  Father, work in his life in such a way that he does have a life-transforming encounter with You.  May he experience the inexplicable peace that can come to a person’s heart when they surrender their lives to You.  In the meantime, give him wisdom and understanding.  Coach him as he governs.  Surround him with godly advisors.  With respect to his political future, use him as You see fit.  If he can serve Your interests by his becoming a national leader in the Democratic Party, give him success.  Strengthen his resolve and increase his ability to be bipartisan, appealing not just to the left and progressives but also to moderates and conservatives.  Bless his new wife.  Keep them safe and meet their daily needs.  May Seth understand it is You who take care of him. Amen.

MGM Resorts International Lawsuit

Dear Father, Stephen Paddock killed 58 and wounded hundreds of others on October 1, 2017, shooting thousands of rounds from his hotel room window at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas. The victims of that shooting are suing the owners of that hotel, MGM Resorts International, for not providing sufficient security. MGM, well-regarded for their diverse workforce, has responded by counter suing the victims, claiming the security they hired had been approved by the Department of Homeland Security. MGM is seeking to stop all litigation against it.  Father, I ask for You to defend the cause of justice in this matter.  If the victims deserve compensation from MGM, give them victory in the courts and may MGM follow through and compensate the victims.  If MGM is innocent in Your eyes, stop the case against them.  Regardless of the outcome for the court proceedings, I ask that You help all to heal who were traumatized by that shooting. May the victims who are the most debilitated by the experience get the help they need and get back on their feet emotionally.  Father, bring many of the victims of that shooting into Your loving arms and give them the peace of enjoying a personal relationship with You. I also ask that You work among the employees of MGM and bring many of the employees to faith in You. Amen.

Rep. Matt Gaetz II

Dear Father, Matt Gaetz is the Republican U.S. Representative for Florida’s 1st congressional district. He serves on the Budget, Armed Services, and Judiciary Committees. He is unabashedly pro-Trump and conservative, therefore, the target of many liberal protests at his public speaking engagements. He is in the news for being a lead figure in a Congressional hearing exploring political bias against conservatives by Facebook. He has challenged the social media giant that if Facebook claims to be a public forum they cannot discriminate the content of third-party contributors. On the other hand, if they claim to be a publisher, therefore entitled to edit content, they will lose legal immunity under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, making them liable for all content published by users.  Father, do what You believe is right in this issue.  Lead Facebook to make the choice You want them to make.  I also ask that You draw Matt into a close personal relationship with You.  Give him a life-changing experience with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Give him the peace of having a right relationship with You. Meet his needs, and the needs of his family, and may he stop to thank You for Your generosity.  Give him wisdom and understanding and surround him with godly advisors.  Amen.

LeSean McCoy

Dear Father, LeSean McCoy, 30, is a running back with the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League. He has had a successful NFL career, leading the NFL in rushing yards in 2013 when he played for the Philadelphia Eagles. He is currently the all-time leading career rusher for Philadelphia. He is in the news today because his former girlfriend, Delicia Cordon, has accused LeSean of hiring someone to assault her. Photos have surfaced of Delicia badly beaten in her face. It has been reported that Delicia refuses to leave LeSean’s home in Georgia or to return expensive jewelry LeSean had purchased for her, a stance that has led to the conflict.  Father, this situation needs Your intervention.  You are the God of love, forgiveness, peace, gentleness, compassion, remorse, and selflessness.  Move in LeSean’s and Delicia’s heart in such a manner that they experience a peace unlike they’ve ever experienced before.  May they understand Your deep love for them and may that understanding be life-changing for both of them.  Transform both of their minds in such a manner that this situation ends peacefully.  Help Delicia to heal both physically and emotionally from her beating. Amen.