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Sam Ballard

Dear Father, Sam Ballard was a healthy 19-year-old rugby player in Australia when he accepted a dare at a friend’s party in 2009 to swallow a garden slug. Apparently he had a reputation for living on the edge and taking risks. He developed eosinophilic meningoencephalitis from a rat lung worm that was in the slug. He lapsed into a coma for nearly 14 months and has now become a quadriplegic. Ballard, 28, continues to suffer seizures and he cannot control his body temperature. He is fed through a tube. His family has extensive debt due to his round-the-clock financial care. Government assistance provides only a small portion of that funding. Father, we have all made foolish mistakes. Millions of young men and women have accepted dares over the years. Some have had to pay consequences and others have not. Father, I ask that You have mercy on this family, even this very hour. First things first – they need You. They need Your love. They need to have a life-changing spiritual transformation that will unleash an abundance of spiritual blessings into their life. They need Your church in Australia to demonstrate the amazing love of God. They need people of compassion and generosity to embrace the family and support them. I pray that each member of this family will surrender’ their lives to You. I pray that You will write and share an amazing testimony of Your love in this situation. Father, they need financial deliverance. They need assistance with their medical bills. Father, please orchestrate an amazing solution that this family will be praising You about for years to come. Father, I pray for Sam. It must be so incredibly hard to be imprisoned in a body that will not move. Father, do everything You can for him so that he can be at peace in his heart and mind. Give him things to be joyful and hopeful for. Father, I do ask for miraculously healing. I pray You will come into this situation and demonstrate that You can do anything good no matter how bleak a situation might be. Father, be with his caretakers. Lighten their load. Ease their burden. Be present with them. Pour out Your grace upon them as well. Amen.

Heather Locklear

Dear Father, Heather Locklear, 56, is an actress who became famous for her role as Sammy Jo Carrington in Dynasty in the 1980s. Her success continued playing Amanda Woodward in Melrose Place, a role for which she received four nominations for best actress in a television series. She also worked besides William Shatner in TJ Hooker and Michael J. Fox in Spin City. She has also enjoyed roles in over two dozen films. However, she is in the news today because she has been arrested for domestic violence. She has been accused of assaulting her boyfriend, Chris Heisser, causing injury to his face, during a drunken rage in front of her 20-year-old daughter Ava. She verbally abused and physically assaulted three Ventura police officers that responded to the scene, threatening to shoot them if they returned to her home. Heather has been released and is reported to be checked in to a medical treatment facility. An hour after Heather’s arrest, Mr. Heisser was arrested for driving under the influence. Father, Heather and Chris need You. I ask for Your intervention in their lives. I pray for a “Damascus Road” incident where they suddenly encounter the love of Christ and it transforms their lives. Lead them both to a place of surrender to You. Reward them with an out flowing of the Holy Spirit, including love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, kindness, patience, and self-control. Father, write two amazing testimonies in this story. May both of these individuals share inspiring stories of how You changed the direction of their lives and gave them new hope and purpose. Father, in the meantime, help both of these individuals overcome their addictions and be restored to emotional and financial stability. I ask that the authorities process their cases with compassion in such a matter that they two receive the help they need. Father, pour out Your grace today on Heather and Chris. Give them both a bright future. Amen.

First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs

Dear Father, First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs was in the international news in November 2017 when a gunman killed two dozen worshipers in the Texas church. Pastor Frank Pomeroy lost his own 14-year-old daughter in the shooting. The church is in the news again because Robert Ussery, 54, and Jodie Mann, 56, showed up at the church and accused Pastor Frank of conspiring with the government to deceive the world. The couple claimed there never was a shooting in the church. The couple demanded to see the pastor’s daughter’s birth certificate to prove she ever existed. Apparently, the couple has also been harassing other members of the church. The couple allegedly threatened to execute justice against the pastor themselves. Ussery and Mann have a history of accusing the government of staging mass murders. They have denied that the shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida ever took place. The couple have been charged with making terroristic threats and obstructing a deputy. Father, I ask for You to protect Pastor Pomeroy. Stop these attacks on him, his family, and his grieving congregation. Give them peace. Block them from all who seek only to hurt and destroy them. Father, I ask that You will do a miracle in Robert and Jodie’s hearts, giving them a new purpose to support the work of the church. May the effort that they put in today to prove government conspiracy be directed tomorrow into lovingly and wisely proving the love of God truly is real and relevant in 2018. Father, may their fear of government conspiracy be replaced by a deep joy for Your work in the church. Amen.

Officer Christopher Ryan Morton

Dear Father, Officer Christopher Ryan Morton was killed in the line of duty yesterday in Clinton County, Missouri. He was one of the officers responding to a domestic violence call when he and other officers were shot by a gunmen inside the home. The suspected shooter is now deceased. Both of the injured officers have been treated for non-life threatening injuries. Father, please pour out Your grace on the grieving family and friends of Officer Morton. Comfort them today. Surround them with Your love. May Your church in the area do all they can to help his family. I pray that You will walk with the family through each step of the journey of grief. Give them incredible peace which cannot be explained. May their loss lead to their spiritual transformation. I also pray for the wounded officers. Heal them fully. May this experience lead both of them on their own spiritual journeys that leads to new relationships with You. May this incident be the spark that ignites their hearts on fire for You. Amen.

Stephanie Clifford (aka “Stormy Daniels”)

Dear Father, Stephanie Clifford, aka “Stormy Daniels”, is a pornographic-film actress who claims to have had a sexual affair with President Trump. Ms. Clifford has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court claiming that Trump did not sign a nondisclosure agreement and, therefore, she has the freedom to “tell all”. The alleged nondisclosure agreement said that Ms. Clifford would have to pay $ 1 million if she spoke of the affair in the public. She would also have to commit to resolving any disputes in confidential arbitration. The suit alleges that Mr. Trump’s lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, wired $ 130,000 to a trust account held by Ms. Clifford’s attorney as a “hush money” payment. Ms. Clifford’s objective is to remove any legal obstacles that prevent her from disclosing the nature of her relationship with President Trump. Mr. Cohen has admitted to paying the $ 130,000 out of his own funds. Father, I ask that You will be victorious in this dispute. I ask that truth and justice will be victorious as well. I pray that this situation will lead many to long for godliness in our nation. May people in every state long for politicians of good character. May people in every state long for actresses who are eager to only portray godly women on the screen. I pray that both President Trump and Stephanie Clifford will have life-changing spiritual encounters with You. May Stephanie one day share with us her testimony of how You rescued and redeemed her life. Amen.