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November 21, 2017
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November 23, 2017

This image was captured from the Harvard Christians on Campus web page.,

Serial Killers

Dear Father, the communities of Tampa, FL and Lumberton, NC are fearing the presence of a serial killer.  Seven murders have occurred within those two communities.  The lifeless bodies of the victims have all been found within a mile of each other, a fact that increases the suspicion of a serial killer on the loose.  Father, I ask that You stop these killings.  Please prevent anyone else from being a victim of the killer(s). Lead innocent victims out of harm’s way in miraculous fashion.  Father, give the families and friends of the victims justice.  Direct the authorities to the identity of the person(s) committing these crimes and orchestrate their arrest and prosecution.  Father, extend your arms of compassion to the families who grieve the loss of loved ones.  Comfort them. Meet their every need.  May Your church demonstrate Your deep love for those who weep.  Father, create testimonies of deliverance and transformation in these tragedies that will inspire many in the future. Amen

Thanksgiving Travel

Dear Father, millions of people are traveling today to the homes of friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow.  I pray for safety for them.  Father, prevent accidents today.  If accidents must occur, may people miraculously walk away from their cars.  If people are injured in accidents, spare their lives.  Give them excellent medical care that leads to their full recovery.  If people lose their lives today while traveling for Thanksgiving, I pray Your mercy and grace on their loved ones who will be crushed by the news.  Father, You are sovereign in all things.  It is no coincidence that millions of cars have traveled safely past our cars throughout our lifetime.  You protect us all from harm many times a day.  We don’t take the time to thank You for it.  Sometimes, You allow trauma to remind us how good You are.  Father, thank You for how You’ve protected us all so many times.  Father, we ask for Your generosity and kindness again this day. Amen.

Harvard Christians on Campus

Dear Father, I thank You for Harvard Christians on Campus.  It is a student ministry at Harvard University.  They meet for worship in homes.  They connect with believers from other schools in the Boston area.  They enjoy retreats in the fall and the spring and a variety of activities during the school year.  Father, bless this ministry.  Strengthen the faith and the courage of the leaders.  Unite the participating students.  Transform the lives of all involved in the ministry.  May this ministry make a difference, not only at this prestigious institution but also throughout the Greater Boston region.  Expand the ministry.  Give the ministry influence and respect in the Harvard academic community.  Father, bless each student engaged in this ministry today. Amen.

Sexual Misconduct

Dear Father, may the wave of allegations of sexual harassment in the news wake up this nation – we need morals and ethics.  We need a value system that respects the life and the dignity of every individual.  We need to love our neighbors and not take advantage of them.  We need God.  Father, I ask that the conversation about sexual misconduct not only leads to the decrease of inappropriate sexual behavior but it also leads people to long for a renewed emphasis on morality in our society.  Father, may many people see, even for the first time, that if we all obeyed Your command for us to love our neighbors then there would be no shameful or embarrassing accusations in the media.  Amen.

Women in the North Korean Military

Dear Father, it has been reported that many women in the North Korean military are treated horribly.  Many are raped by their superiors.  They are denied the sanitary conditions they need to maintain the normal cycles of their health.  The North Korean soldier who recently defected to the South, running across the DMZ while under fire, is reported to have 11″ parasites in their body, an indicator of the lack of hygiene in the North.    Father, it is a nation that has rejected You.  Not surprisingly, it is a nation with millions of abused and tortured citizens.  The extent we care for our neighbors is directly related to how much we are willing to obey Your commands for us to love You and love our neighbors.  Father, North Korea needs spiritual rescue.  Execute Your plan for spiritual victory in North Korea and rescue the millions of innocent civilians.  Father, we pray You will protect women in the North Korean military from abuse this very day. Amen.

David Cassidy

Dear Father, it was announced that David Cassidy, the 1970s teen idol, passed away yesterday at the age of 67.  Father, may family and friends who grieve his death find comfort in You today.  May his passing lead them on a spiritual journey which takes them to faith in You.  I ask Your grace and mercy to be abundant this day in the lives of Shirley Jones, Danny Bonaduce, Susan Dey, Jeremy Gelbwaks, Brian Forster, Katie Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy, and Patrick Cassidy.  Father, draw them all to You and transform their hearts and minds. Father, their are millions of people in America whose lives are broken.  They are lost and drifting.  Please wake up Your church. Give Your church are heart for sharing testimonies of hope and serving our neighbors in need.  Amen.