Wednesday November 29, 2017

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November 28, 2017
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November 30, 2017

Matt Lauer

Dear Father, it is reported this morning that Matt Lauer has been fired from the Today Show. Matt joins a growing list of celebrities who have been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. Father, I ask for justice. May those who have carelessly or maliciously abused others be brought to justice. May those who are innocent of false charges also be treated with justice, cleared in the public mindset of wrong doing. May the victims of sexual abuse heal, emotionally and physically. May those who are guilty of sexual misconduct encounter the love of Jesus Christ. May their lives be transformed. May they become ambassadors of the love of Jesus Christ. May they become men and women of noble character, setting examples of godliness in our society. Father, may this day be a day that Matt is drawn closer to You. Help him to hear Your voice in this season of life. Help him to see is need for You. Help him to surrender his life to You. Amen.

North Korea

Dear Father, Kim Jun Un of North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile that flew over Japan before landing in the ocean 600 miles away. Father, I ask for You to intervene in this crisis before thousands, if not millions, of innocent lives are lost. Protect not only the people of China, South Korea, Japan, and the United States from a catastrophic bombing, please also protect the people of North Korea. Father, I am convinced that this world would be far crazier than it is if You didn’t intervene each hour each day. Whatever security or sanity that remains on earth is a reflection that You are still in control. You protect us from ourselves. Father, I ask that a nuclear weapon will never again destroy a city anywhere on earth. Amen.

Lee Ming-Che

Dear Father, Lee Ming-Che is a Taiwanese pro-democracy activist who was incarcerated by the Chinese when he visited the country. His arrest has led to conflict between China and Taiwan. His family and human rights activists around the globe are demanding he receive due process. He is alleged to have entered China in order to procur medical treatment for his mother-in-law. Father, I ask for Your mercy to be on Lee Ming-Che today. Protect him. Preserve his life. Meet his physical and emotional needs this very day. Guard his family. May he be released so that he can return to Taiwan. I pray that as a result of this incident Lee will come to faith in You or His faith in You will strengthen. Father, gain victory this day in every country that denies an individual’s basic human rights. Send forth an army of prayer warriors around the globe who battle oppression, persecution, and injustice. Amen.

Maritime Traffic

Dear Father, there are thousands of vessels sailing across the five oceans this very hour. They are transporting raw materials or finished goods from one port to another. They are providing defense for their countries. They are catching fish so that people can have food to eat. Father, the men and women working at sea have one of the most dangerous jobs on earth. Their bodies are physically challenged not only with hard work but also by the harsh elements. They face not only the terror of major storms but also the real risk of loss of life in those storms. They are at risk for injury on the ship as sailors are known to fall from one deck to another. They are at risk to serious injury with the moving equipment common on these vessels. Many struggle with motion sickness as their ships, large or small, continuously roll or pitch with the waves. They struggle with home sickness and loneliness, often at sea for months at a time. On top of all this, there are conflicts between shipmates, people you can’t get away from. Father, thank You for the work of these men and women. We need them to do what they do for us. Watch over ships at sea and protect the sailors on board. May You be very present on board every ship around the world. May the sailors feel Your presence. May the challenges they face at sea lead them to cry out to You. Father, may their be a movement in the industry of sailors coming to faith in Christ. Bless those ministries that minister to sailors at sea. May each one experience reasons to thank You this very day. Amen.