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October 17, 2017
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October 19, 2017

Boy Injured at Niagara Falls

Dear Father, it has been reported that a 10 year old boy fell on Sunday into the gorge at Niagara Falls. He struck his head. Initial indications were that his injury was life threatening. However, he is now reported to be in stable condition. Father, I pray for complete healing for the boy. May he have a full recovery. May his loved ones recover from the emotional trauma of the experience. I ask that this incident leads the entire family into a closer walk with You. May this boy end up having a life of amazing service to mankind and a love for others that endears many. Amen.

Gordon Hayward, Boston Celtics

Dear Father, Gordon Hayward experienced a severe ankle injury in the first game of the season last night. His ankle was turned in such a grotesque direction that many in the crowd had difficulty handling it. Father, I ask Your mercy on Gordon today. I ask that he is resting peacefully. I pray that pain medication he is on is making his waking moments tolerable. I pray that corrective measures taken by the medical team will be effective, enabling him to one day resume normal use of the foot. I pray for his loved ones who are attending to them. Give them Your grace and care as well. For the rest of us, help us to learn a lesson – we don’t know what a day may bring. May we always be thankful for whatever we have this moment that we enjoy. Amen.

Eric Paul Janssen

Dear Father, I pray today for the loved ones of Eric Paul Janssen. He was a Memphis, TN newspaper executive who fell 14 stories from a building in Chicago on Monday. May Your blessings be on his survivors as they grieve. I ask You to comfort them, provide for them, and help them to heal after a season of grief. May they encounter Your love in life transforming ways. May their be wonderful testimonies of Your grace that come out of this tragedy. Amen.

Malawi, Africa

Dear Father, I lift up the nation of Malawi today. I ask that Your Spirit will move across the country – building the church, strengthening the people of faith, providing for the poor, giving justice to the innocent, bringing the rain they need for crops, giving them godly leaders (people of good character), and meeting the needs of their economy. It is reported that Malawi has a high infant mortality rate and low life expectancy. Father, I ask that You take actions to improve these statistics. I ask that You spare the life of a sick infant somewhere in the country this very day. May that baby grow up to be a force for good in the country and an ambassador of Your love to many. Amen.